Why does anyone think these type of glasses look good...

Why does anyone think these type of glasses look good? Literally everyone I've met who wears them is a virgin loser with few friends.

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>a few friends
More than me and I don't wear them

anyone who wears glasses are perma-virgins

I wear glasses and honestly think glasses are so nice, especially if you can find good frames for your face, they can make a person look so good.

wearing these frames has gotten me more hipster Asian puss than any other frames i have had

pretty much any pair of glasses just make someone hot look “unique/intellectual”. they don’t really effect how attractive you are.

but yes some pairs of glasses look better than others.

I'm just trying to see dog.

would it be retarded to wear non-prescription glasses to look more professional? im in med school and not that smart and i was thinking about starting to wear glasses so that my silence would be more likely perceived as deep thought than just being clueless (we are evaluated by our preceptors so it matters)

related, would it be retarded to wear non-prescription glasses to look more fashionable. I'm certain that I'd look better with them on, but I'd rather not look like a dickhead to anyone that already knows that I don't need em.

Because they do look good. It's a timeless shape that just happens to be trendy right now.

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When will this trend end?
>inb4 you mong circle glasses has existed since way back
Yes, but everyone has them now. It's like a uniform

Fuck me for wanting to look at shit i guess

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unintentionally effay

>Everyone has them now
Nah, turtleshells and clubmasters are still way more popular among normies

It's dependent on how the glasses fit the persons face.
Glasses thread? This is what I wear. I tend to wear a lot of casual long sleeves with a black/white/blue theme.

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I think they are really flattering. I always feel attracted to men wearing these frames.

they look good on chinks cause their faces are rounder

w2c glasses

dye your eyebrows

This isn't the same thing mister