Okay, seriously, fuck H&M for trying to steal profit off of other artists hard work

Okay, seriously, fuck H&M for trying to steal profit off of other artists hard work.

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I'll cede grafitti artists their right to their artwork if they accept the death penalty for shitting down every metropolis on the planet with their hack scribbles

Nah bra, I love H&M

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This. I fucking love it.

Ud hope that with all that stolen art they'd turn out anything not shit but here we are

>for trying to steal profit off of other artists hard work.
Implying that's why you dislike them. Fucking contrarian namefag.

I don't see why shitting on somebody else's property should give you the right to that shit forever.

They constantly steal shit from Yung Leans brand SadBoysGear, Hope they stop this shit it's so scummy

How are people defending this shit lol, it's a huge company that makes shit quality clothes for lames, and they shamelessly steal designs all the time

I'm not one of those anti graffiti types but if you're gonna just doodle over a bunch of buildings that aren't yours without anyone's permission then you're pretty delusional if you think that you should have copyright to it.

How is this even a legal issue that hm us fighting over


I'm all for IP right, but I'm also for private property rights. Graffiti is technically vandalism, which is illegal, so should the street artists really have a right to that work?

>Yung Lean
Literally who

well, unfortunately, they're probably going to win
people need to get their shit nice and legal or it will be taken away.

how are you so uncultured?

>do ILLEGAL artwork in PUBLIC streets
>still want the LEGAL rights to it
Genius. Pure genius.

fuck outta here

You need to register intellectual property, so therefore vandals do not hold active copyright.

You can't go around tagging shit, then invoice the owner of the property for the original work you did without authorization or verbal contract

i can understand having slave labor but stealing 'art' to put on shitty t-shirts? that's where i draw the line

knowing unimportant people does not make you cultured, you tremendous underage faggot

>You need to register intellectual property
It is literally the opposite of how it works under most legal systems

Please do not give your opinion on things you know nothing about

This desu

because the topic is still illegal graffiti made on other people's property. i'd much rather that fast fashion started stealing from that than damaging the real fashion houses by latching off them you virgin

>artists' hard work
Tell these "artists" to stop fucking up engineers' and construction workers' hard work

>intellectual property is real and important

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Well if it does pass I bet their stores are going to get defaced to shit. Lose, lose situation for them really.

Go back under the rock you were residing in.


graff writer here

how does it feel knowing im wearing a six figure outfit as i post this and call u all fucking nerds

Pretty good knowing that i'm not retarded enough to spend six figures on an outfit.

ur posting on a fashion imageboard while wearing broke boy rags so obviously ur retarded in some literal chromosome deficient sense

whatchu write

Who are the racist white male Trump supporting boomers running this absolutely shit company?


All the money in the world won't improve your shit taste user. Lol at your life.

>butthurt graffiti niggers upset that their "art" is photographed and replicated on some tees are crying about their unsanctioned "art" being seen by more people
I hope any graffiti nigger who comes out to put their name on the suit gets their ass sent home after a night with Tyrone. Fucking idiots.

did you see the "art" that they ripped off? literally a bunch of squiggly lines kek

nigga you're drawing on public property.

painters != engineers

Okay, when I first read it, I was on the graffiti artists side. Then I learned that h&m werent reprinting graffiti on their clothers, rather they (outsourced company) used Revok's (imo one of the greatest) artwork in a backdrop of an h&m ad.

I love graffiti, love Revoks art, but side with h&m on this. They just used his backdrop as an edgy background. Happens all the time. Its not even a good Revok piece.

revok chiefed his 'inventions' off daniel tagno anyway (credit to utah & ether for bringing this to light)

he certainly aint a writer anymore either, his name got too hot so moved onto galleries and street art - so i think any writers backing revok need to really remember why they are doing graff because really it doesn't matter

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that's scummy but I don't care. I just wanna buy cheap clothes that cover my ass whenever I need any. seriously.

>Oh no my precious urban murals are controlled by the evil fascist corporations

If you want to boycott something come back when you actually have something meaningful to talk about.

It feels like I’m not a hypebeast

>Implying the average uneducated normie who shops at H&M gives a shit
The profit will keep coming in because most people don't care.

>guy graffitis your wall without asking
>you decide to put the art on t shirts
>dude comes back to sue you for stealing his work
>you in turn file charges for vandalism

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>vandals dont like being stolen from

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Post fit fag

it's like it belongs on an ancap meme

I mean, if you stab me with a fancy-ass sword, passed down your family for generations, and leave it in me(and it is actually yours, not stolen) it's not like you can really ask for it back.

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Or hell, to go with the quality of most graffiti "art" if you draw crudely made dicks on my face while I'm sleeping, you can't sue me for selling shirts with pictures of my dicked-up face on them.

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street artist here

what this actually was about wasnt taking someone elses art and selling it or using it on the products
it was about them doing a photoshoot where street art was in the background on a wall

im fine with this. the point of street art is its public. its in a public space. thats not just the nature of street art but the entire point

there's lots of other different problems with h&m. this isnt one of them.

The people who enjoy street art can't afford H&M anyways

>street "art"
Kill yourself if you think you need permission from nigger vandals to post their ugly monikers on some sweaters.

>illegally tag a wall
>some agency for a clothing company takes a picture with part of it in the background
>find out it's h&m

jesus christ, why do some street artist think they're that important, it's not like h&m took his design and printed on tshirts

Thanks for this.

>can't afford H&M
The people who can't afford H&M probably don't have streets to be on anyway. And if there are streets there, they're most certainly designated for shitting.

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>street artist here
nobody cares

yo fuck this graffiti "artist" he is fucking corny. and if you did your painting in public, then its in the public domain. can't believe hm backed down.

fuck off china

revok is a sellout hack anyway who cares

also public announcement to anyone who is antigraff itt buy a noose

this is a fashion imageboard not a sqaure imageboard

graff lol graffiti is so fucking corny. it's 2018 it's used to market chips to kids. fuck off.

>im fine with this. the point of street art is its public.
Street artists worrying about how to monetize their public art is the original problem here.

>artists' rights
>illegal artwork
i wish leftists didn't exist

>artists' rights
>applying to vandals

absolute state of the left


>slave labor
>paid a wage
these must be the dumbest slave owners in the history of mankind
or you're just a retarded faggot

>the ch*nese are real and important

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i care only enough to make this post while lying in bed watching anime
i hope that shows you how insignificant you are

>Okay, when I first read it, I was on the criminals' side.
thanks for indicating your stupidity in the very first sentence

>literal reddit spacing
I wish you were dead

replace the €

why are graffiti fags so insufferable
>dude muh art man

>they (outsourced company) used Revok's (imo one of the greatest) artwork in a backdrop of an h&m ad.


did they recreate the graffiti in a studio or did they shoot on location/use real photo of the artwork's location as a backdrop?

because the first one at least kind of has a vague argument but if you (illegally) display your artwork in a public place then you can't expect to get a kickback anytime someone shoots or photographs that place

it would be like the artistic version of patent trolling "my artwork is visible in the background of your film: pay me for the licence or i'll see you in court"

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oooh why r u so heated cuh

fyi ""reddit spacing"" orignated from here in 2010 not reddit u newfaggot turd

think ur next cop should be clorox lmfao