1 or 2

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the tongue on #1 is hideous and i think it's mainly the "performance" model but i think it's cheaper and looks exactly the same other than the tongue

what's the point of that goofy tongue?

t. numales

Athleticism is Veeky Forums and you're not

t. hypebabbies


then take a pair of scissors to the tongue

>t. soyboy

yeah i think about it

Neither, you want the one similar to the pair on the right, but with the trefoil logo on the heel patch as well. They're less expensive but far more durable.

If you strike the ball higher up on the ankle or lower shin, that tall rubbery tongue can help grip the ball... if it's only a sock in that area, the ball can slide off the side. Pele wore long tongue. Other shoes would have a design or something on the back of the tongue that was revealed when the tongue was folded forward over the laces. David Backham wore this type.

The answer to OP's question depends if the wearer has ever been a football/soccer player in their life. If yes, you go with 1. If no, you're a poser and you go with 2.

the long tongue seems goofy but you get used to it

also keeps snow out surprisingly well

after these die ill probably try out #2 tho anyway

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2 is one of my favorite shoes ever made

Are you gonna use them for indoor soccer?
If not kys

for casual wear also im playing futebol but not in indoor places its ok

1. #2 is the nu-male physically inactive skinnyfat version

Ahaha how are football shoes hype?! Get out in the real life you buzzword spewing excuse of a human

>bomber jackets can only be used for piloting bombers
>vans can only be used for skating
>denim can only be used for outdoor labour

i bought 2s guys but im not totally hapy with them

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I got 1 but the tongue feels annoying against ankles and also I had to scrape off the shitty arch bump.

Is this just a thing where I live or have sambas become a complete meme shoe that only antifa and hipsters wear?

thats not a football boot you absolute nonce, not even for indoor surfaces

yeah they are. and chuck taylors are basketball shoes. learn2history

should i get this colorway

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or this one?

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this one

no they're not idiot.

this is what an indoor football boot looks like. they have small soft plastic studs for playing on artificial grass

ones in OP are casual wear. blatantly obvious by the sole. doesn't matter what the history of samba is

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Apparently its just where you live because I visited like ten different stores looking for sambas, not a single one had them and the employees had never heard of them

>inb4 lmao you autistic fuck why did you go to so many stores
I'm distrustful of bying shoes online because I have weird shoe size and more often than not have to return them

Is this bait? Sambas are literally the most popular indoor soccer shoe of all time.

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shopping irl is more fun

this is obvious bait, just seeing as you downloaded a thumbnail, try harder next time

If you have to ask you don't deserve to wear them.

Those are called cleats you dumb fuck, let me guess you played the flute while boys played sports?

because all sambas are ugly as fuck. you were memed.

I wouldn't worry about it. It's a classic and those groups are fickle and quickly get tired of things/move onto the next thing to ruin (like most of the youths these days).

I have never seen the first one. Whichever one they sell in regular retailers.

They both look really ugly
Eastern European migrant tier

1 are made of tougher and better quality leather


The arch bump wears down pretty quickly naturally.


neither buy dragons or gazelles

Ok but why do you need a goofy tongue like that if you're wearing casual shoes and not playing soccer?

Only right answer is the new Samba adv's

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ignore dat fuckin pin roll enjoy da beautiful schuhe

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I have these and theyre comfy as fuck

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If you're going to wear Sambas at all, get 1.

Just picked up a pair of classic leathers, pretty rad. Comfy too.

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where to cop sambas cheapest?

amazon has em for like $50 burgerbux

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is there any difference in sizing between the original ones and the 2?

so you can look like a player and not a poser

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