Clothes can't protect you forever

clothes can't protect you forever
t. Veeky Forums

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Kek not even fat. Besides once you get to the point that you're both getting naked it won't really matter all that much because you've already talked your way into it.

Well yeah, once the door is locked, the implication is made. She won't say no.. because of the implication.

haha great meme!

If you want a second go you'll need to prove yourself.

haha great meme!

To add to this the most important thing is actually be able to talk to women in the first place. It won't matter how much you clothes cost or how much you can bench if you can't even hold her attention with conversation. Start practicing talking in a mirror and making eye contact with people without looking away immediately and develope confindence. Theres a reason you'll see some 10/10 with some fat dude with shit clothes. It's because he can talk and most likely knows how to lay the pipe.

Working out a is modern couture.

>Veeky Forums literally admitting that all the work they put in working out at the gym, and eating a very carefully balanced died, is all done purely to impress random thots, instead of to actually look good.
Not even funny, I just feel sympathetic that you care so much about girls.

>practicing talking in a mirror and making eye contact with people without looking away immediately
This is something people need to do? Haha oh wow

I've gotten fatter without increasing my income in the last five years. I'm fucking hotter women than I was five years ago. Can you explain that?

uhhhh can YOU explain that?

I can, but I'm not making threads like OP suggesting that I know deep, immovable truths about the laws of human attraction.

>having a sexy, healthy body is a dumb idea
kill you'reself

literally me
>summer approaching
>can't hide under layers
>self esteem at 0 for next 6 months at least

Don't strawman me, that's not what I'm saying. It's not necessary for romantic success, as OP is saying.

28" waist, bitch

out of pity i guess seeing as you didnt fuck any women 5 years ago

that's because this that was the kind of Veeky Forumsizen who also browses Veeky Forums. he's probably not actually fit, because anyone who is doesn't lift for girls. we all start there, but at some point you end up lifting for yourself

Everybody starts somewhere. Practice makes perfect nobody was born swole, fashionable, or with a silver tongue they built up to it. To say otherwise would be a lie.

Most people I've seen irl who browse Veeky Forums are fat or dyel mode. Not saying everyone on Veeky Forums is but yeah. Either way, I'm happy with my body. 6 foot 160 lbs.