>He hasn't accepted the slavcore pill

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i like seeds.

>wearing adidas originals


imagine smoking menthol, fucking pussy

>he took the image off of the grid thread and thought it was funny

Honestly, menthols taste so much stronger and hurt more. Though I can see why some people might actually like the taste I guess.

Is WeSlav stuff actually decent quality, or is the only reason to get it because it's YouTuber merch?

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Guns aren't slavcore, they are muttcore.

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Gun ownership in slavlands is really low and even in western-Europe you won’t find Poles shooting each other.

of course you won’t. there’s no reason for toilet cleaners to waste money on guns they cannot transport out of the country if they’re only staying for one season

They can drive their guns from Holland to Poland and back all day long. Border control is minimal.
They just don’t. The only group of Slavs associated with gun crime are Serbs, mainly because they like selling ex-Yugo military stuff to Muslims in Sweden and Germany

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Actually fun trade is Bosnians and Albanians (yeah its supposed to be part of Serbia I know).

You mean the Albanians and Bosnians? Serbs are too busy actually being productive and / or keeping their stockpiles in check to be acting like those niggers for the most parts.

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Gagged a bit.

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say that to my face pussy ass white boy

>what people from brooklyn circa 2015 thought eastern europeans dressed like
you're cosplaying

the latter. I like LOB and all, but I would not wear that.


Nice try western spy

They get it for free you dipshit