How do you make a wide brimmed hat work, Veeky Forums?

How do you make a wide brimmed hat work, Veeky Forums?

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wear a suit and be 40+ years old

Be a farmer, a Hassidic Jew, or a creepy Southern Preacher.

Degenerate rock and roll

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only with the most effay fit

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You forgot Amish, Lutheran, or black

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by being Future Hendrix

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where can I cop one?

become an entrepreneur

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Here you go m8

By not being in an urban or suburban place.

Acidwestern fit

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Be Asian and wear $10k+ outfits consisting only of Guidi, ma+, and Ann D

be a girl, be asian,or be one of those rocker guys covered in tattos

best answer

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w2c this


Wide shoulders. Brim and crown in proportion to shoulders and head, or it will look silly.