Does anyone know a website that sells hoodies and shirts with "cursed images" on them...

Does anyone know a website that sells hoodies and shirts with "cursed images" on them? And im not talking about a meme make your own shirt site like redbubble or spreadshirt. I want something with decent quality.

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this would make a good album cover

I have 100 images like this in a folder and i might just dump them all on a redbubble and see if people buy anything

Here is another one with the teletubbies. No idea where they are from.

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Post some examples on this thread? Curious to see what you got

Phone posing right now give me a minute. I only have a couple on my phone.

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lobster lady

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washing machine

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blood bath

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I like your ambition, the washing machine one is pretty good. Idk any sites to help you out but I wish you luck

Alright. I'll leave you wilth this one.

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These are cool I would buy a shirt


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>mummo :D

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Fellow cursed posters. Verry nice.

I'll post a few more

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You mind if i steal them and upload them to a redbubble when i get home? I want to have the monoploy on cursed images on redbubble.

Yeah sure go ahead, I don't own these images

I started uploading a couple but they take a bit to upload so im not doing all 71 i have today.

I think thats a marabou stork, actually.

You are probably right. For some reason the first one says flamingo. Let me change the name.

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ive thought of this a lot, you really should make a brand out of it, would cop. im sure there are other intelligent and nihilistic people with a twisted sense of humour who would do the same. pick out the best 5 pics of your 100 and produce a few and try selling them

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> intelligent and nihilistic people with a twisted sense of humour who would do the same
it's weird pictures that are funny it's not something that you need to be twisted intelligent or nihilistic for

its an old meme. i genuinly believe the concept would sale though

I dont think that I could make a brand like that. I would have to get in contact with all the people that own the photos and make sure I can use them but its an untapped market for sure. I would also like clothes with renaissance type art on them and there is quite a bit of that right now but I have yet to find a brand focusing on it.

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i have a really eerie but cool but really old picture of my grandma covered in blood smiling while crouched over on the ground in a dark room next to 2 dead deer and I’m not gonna lie it’s hella creepy and I wanna share it but she died a couple years back and it wouldn’t feel right

yYfucking cool on a shirt but maybe a little disrespectfull now.

I was gonna type. "Yeah dont post it. It would have been fucking cool on a shirt but maybe a little disrespectfull now." but Veeky Forums fucked it

Thanks for sharing. Thinking of making a collage type design on a hoodie for myself. Also found a twitter that dedicates on posting this type of stuff:

These would be great on black tees I think

Do it

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to be fair, you have to have a very high iq to understand cursed images

*tips fedora*

Only cursed image I've got

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I remember old /r9k/ used to have threads with pics like these.

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when he wakes up he has a surprise lol

C'mon bro don't leave us hanging.

You would be immortalizing your grandma if you put it on the internet you know

Send me an email, I'll be doing high end silk tshirts with this alt meme kind of thing soon.
[email protected]

funny that u mention this i went to a consignment shop and found 4 white tshirts with just images on them, no tags

def gave a sort of spooky vibe, one had a pic of a diploma and the other of a couple.

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the t-shirts looked like

this has potential

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hmm how many of u fags would actually buy one though?

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I'd pay for a couple of designs.

these specifically.

i would definitely buy some if they're high quality.

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To bring good to your next of kin is the dream of all nice people

Vetememes LOL T-shirt (just in case)

The flowers one is my favorite by far. Not sure why.


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I have a dedicated folder of 150+ images strictly for cursed images.

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What makes them cursed is it just like weird stuff or something

Yeah, pretty much. Poor picture quality, weird visual effects, or just stuff in said pictures which goes against all common logic.
Much like pic related's shoulder pads.

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delete this

spreadshirt quality is fine, although I have had a print or two miss a bit of color

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Yeah i heard thats the best one so i gues thats what i have to settle for.

you baiting fuck


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Can someone whip up a Mega folder / Imgur album containing loadsa cursed images?

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would totally wear this one

where the fuck did you get this picture of me

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tfw you wake up without a head and you're slowly getting devoured by ants

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Im telling you Veeky Forums. Weird photo tees are super effay and there needs to be somone to make a ton of them.

nice blindfold

>falling for the pray4paris meme

No idea what you are talking about. I just like the look of renaissance type art.

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ebin :D

lmao this is fashion all the art is stolen

this pics are pretty horrible.if i was buzzin in lsd i would have gone bad trip lmao

anyone know of a high quality on-demand shirt printing service?

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looks very slavcore between the squatting and the gas masks and radiation suits. chernobylcore

This is fucking sad

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I think its from a hurricane so they got brought inside and that was the space they had. Its not that bad.

Oh nevermind you are calling me sad.
You too.

Oh ok. Whew.
Was genuinely sad for the birds.

idk this looks too intentionally weird

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I'm actually good friends with a quite a few people who create their own brands. I've had them make custom sets for me in the past for free (around 20+Ts and around maybe 5 hoodies), so if you guys give me like 5 images, they could probably make around 5 prints of each for free which I could sell for auction on Ebay. If they decide to charge me money, I can still make it happen, but will need to drive up the bidding a bit.

Vote on your favorites now so I know which ones to use.

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Haunted image technically