What would your reaction be if you saw someone wearing this?

What would your reaction be if you saw someone wearing this?

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Cool design but it would look better on a t-shirt

Superior version

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I would say "hey i like ur shirt, that was a great series" and then walk away probably

I study computer sciences. I see adult males wearing My little pony or Star vs. Forces of Evil stuff on a nearly daily basis, sometimes stuff like chokers in heart form too.
Evangelion shirts would be a huge improvement.

I already have that on a shirt

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Looks nice. W2c?

where to cop?

Probably nothing like how I react to everything else in my life.


Where to cop

Haha. Really doe?

I see tons of mlp shit my uni in socal. Socially inept fatties just wear whatever doesn't have cum stains for the day and can't be bothered to shower or at least wash their faces either. At least the weebs and anime fans are skinny and know what color theory is.

Thats what happens when you go in a field of literal autists. CS and Math is populated entirely by retards.

I'd pretend not to notice but secretly cringe to myself

I saw a guy wearing this graphic but instead of a crewneck sweater it was on a hoodie that had the hood ripped/cut off. It was pretty cool tbqh.

Seriously tho. w2c?

Nevermind. Google reverse image search. teepublic.com/crewneck-sweatshirt/958241-neon-genesis-evangelion

Veeky Forums poster

don't talk shit about math faggot

usually people who wear shit like that are actually really cool people to be honest. i'd chill with someone like that over probably 3/4ths of the people i see posting on Veeky Forums to be honest
(and obviously that's a generalization, clearly i'd take the worst Veeky Forums poster over the worst these fandoms have to offer in a heartbeat, at least i'd get beaten up by someone who doesn't smell like dog shit then)

you can't disagree that math/cs attract a disproportionate amount of autists

t. mathfag

Need thoughts on pic related, ive got it preorded but can cancel b4 April

im a fucking idiot, heres pic

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The caution tape look on the sleeves is weird but not necessarily bad. Agreed. All my math major buddies are mouthbreathers, literally. Can't not snort at Halo references they make and one of them even tried getting a job with a security company that handles anime cons.

I'm glad K?D got famous. Space Cowboy is still my favorite song by him

Its slightly different, text isn't centered the way it is in the OP, i'd rather have it like OP's version. I'd honestly probably cop for like 30 bucks if i could find that version.


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>wow, he likes one of my favorite movies! time to make a new friend

Ask him who the best girl is.

and if the answer is not rei, clock the faggot and keep walking

Where's the best place to buy shirts from animes such as GITS, evangelion, akira etc.?

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I hate weebs or any fanbase that needs to show the world they like pop culture thing by wearing thing. You are pathetic. All the faggots in this thread are pathetic. I love Berserk but don't go around wearing a griffith did nothing wrong tee

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Looks horrible. 2011 meme shit.

i have this as a t-shirt. it's nice. i've gotten asked what it means a few times but have only got one compliment from a pretty normal looking dude.

Depends entirely on what the person wearing it looks like desu

Please don't

just that they were a little try hard idk, its not horrible

mmmkay thats hot

Evanglion shirts are pretty good compared to others.

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>griffith did nothing wrong tee

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the shirt isnt fashionable in any way though

If he looked cool I'd say he had a nice shirt
if he looked like a faggot who has had MK ultra activated I would spit on them


here to cop

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it's not really nice looking and not subtle enough too

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>not subtle enough
>posts image of full graphic anime print