1)which skin color are black clothes best for?

1)which skin color are black clothes best for?
2)what colors should i use as an olive-skinned(not white or brown) med man?

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Black clothes I think look fine on anyone. A lot of people will be all about the whole pasty pale cave dwelling white person, but I think black clothes can look good on pretty much anyone. As for olive skin, I think muted tones look nice, particularly earthy greens and yellows, as well as blues.

I think, you’d be fine with absolutely anything if you’re olived skin. I think black people have it harder.

Black clothes look good on all tones, except this guy.

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What do I wear if I'm slightly brown? What would look good on me?


Retard question, anyone could wear black clothes. But the white pale will always look better because color theory

if i had this guy's skintone i'd be pulling sick shadowman fits

For future reference, OP.

Not true. Black doesn't look good on anyone except light skinned blacks.

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This is what I imagine you all look like in real life.

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Black looks best on people with black features, I don't mean nigger features. But things like having jet-black hair, or bushy eyebrows that are black, it's very aesthetically pleasing complementing the black garments.

Yet the black clothing looks best on the second and third guy in the jpg

What if I'm clean-shaven?


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I'm like the guy in the 3rd pic, black isn't a suitable color for me. It's also a shit color for pale skin. But whatever, you want to dress like you're at a funeral to go to McDonald's, be my guest.

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