Who is your favourite model?

who is your favourite model?

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bitches ain't shit


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Isn't liking a model sorta ruining the point of their job, they are trying to sell the clothes, not their looks. Goldstein doesn't get money from you looking pretty and thin, be does from the clothes that look good on a model's "clotheshanger" body and say to yourself you can pull off.


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Rachel Sykes. I don't know her age, but I wish she was younger

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fuging Adi Migeal :DDDD :DD

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lorde is a model?

Sara Grace

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Patrician titties

For me, it's Elsa

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She looks like a fish.


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As for male models my favourite one is Robbie Snelders

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Some will know

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also, Dominik Sadoch

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As for females, Katie Schmid

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ofc Lydia Graham

my niggas

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Holy fuck that guy

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stella lucia

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>just checked age of instamodel ive been following for a year or so
>born in 2000

also she ain't a model, but I can't get over how much I love Stoya

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shes a type of model, I guess

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she quit porn, right?
my choice, irina martynenko

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there's something wrong with her cheeks

adult model, yeah
she is a co-owner of trenchcoatx and still uploads her videos there I think

also, Martynenko is really nice

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Patrician taste

Unironically, me as a kid

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Kate Moss

Future wifey

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Ju Xiao Wen

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She's my bae

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Courtney Paige Nelson

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it's all me, the op

Choi Sora

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Does she have autism?

Why she reminds me of Auschwitz?

them, also ideal threesome

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>see thumbnail
>expand thumbnail
oh gosh...

My nigga

Also my nigga

Maybe that's because all day you dream about deathcamps, /pol/ack

90s super superiority

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Annie Tice is freaky looking, but I love her. Also young Gisele.


fuck off ali
[spoiler]you are cute :3[/spoiler]

Forgot pic

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jesus christ


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facial blindness is a sign of autism

vlada and mariana

I have a mutual friend with her. I find her so fucking beautiful.

Grace Hartzel

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>low quality picture.

she looks nothing like lorde


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Fags have horrible taste in women

Does a bear shit in the woods?

She looks like a porn star.

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Also, Zacharie Villot

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quads for best girl

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Who dis? Can't reverse image search on mobile.

grace hartzel

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Thanks user, supreme taste

god fucking damn I love tall white girls.

absolutely HALAL

bladee could be such a megachad if he dropped his autismlook

why would you want to be a megachad? you have bad taste bladee is a perfect angel the way he is

>why would you want to be a megachad?
gee what reason could it possibly be

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Richard Biedul

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For me it was when I found out I was older than Karlie

you still have time to pretend to learn coding

Myself, kiko as a close second

KIKO is so beautiful

never too late to kode