ITT: cops you want but would be irresponsible to spend that much money on

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i also remember thinking these where cool when i was 15

rather go buy balmains

You'd sooner find me sticking my head into a jet engine than wearing those, let alone paying $700 for them.

>post Decarnin era Balmain

I'm not sure I would wear that if you paid me $700 for it

is dropping almost $3000 dollars on END a smart idea? I have never made a clothing purchase this large before and im worried i might regret it even though i like all the pieces

If you have to ask, no

christ those pants are bad

It’s a rad fit you proles

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Looks like they're from GAP

Remember to thank God you can't afford to spend that kind of cash on those awful looking Balmain jeans. That's some serious White Stripes core there.

that's fucking terrible

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Sold out anyways.. :(

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Looking for something similar, bcs i felt in love

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Come on OP you can do better than this

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$7k tho

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bleu de paname
carhartt wip

>you proles
This is very ironic when you take into consideration the fact that this fit literally looks like how poor sandniggers dress in the EU

I need this jacket in my life

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>Hey! Pssst! It doesn't look good!

Rick leather fits slim at the shoulders. This guy has larger shoulders so the rest of the jacket is oversized. Make sure you know your fit.

Undercover always has some ncie outerwear every season...

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Anything made from human leather, It's like £30,000 for one pair of shoes

beat me to it

fit looks beta

It's just the model.
Shoulderlets, when will they learn?