Last one is bad

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>Last one is bad
Truth. Let it die.

Keeping this one alive until the last one is dead

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Youe jacket is too small, you look fat

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it's a bad angle familys

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Oh my. But that other user is right the jacket is too small.

Cycling is good, don't wear too small jackets tho

very neat and cool i like it

On vacation, using the warm weather to try out some summer fits

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I would bully you if I saw you

What's this stand for

I like it
All black would look better imo
I fuck wit this

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>check adams twitter and insta
>can't find this photo
is it really you? if so i want to fuck both your sister and your gf but you actually dress pretty well

Looks cummy

everything about that picture is so ugly

IT Really do be like that sometimes

nice dont see a lot of cowboicore here
this is cool
lose the shoes
those shoes are too bad to be ironic
bad jeans, bad shoes

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goddAMNIT... I just posted in there ;-; my position isn't the best i know

good fit, just nix the shoes, or go with one color for the shoes

this is such a dadfit, the pants should be khaki if you're going for that

i love this fit a lot!! very cool! a grey sweatshirt underneath would look cool too.

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I like it, Try black jeans or cargos with boots maybe I would just change the joggers


Ree these are cargos my guy

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Digging the Yellowed soles and pants

I like it, but somehow almost feels like you were trying pic related

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i thrifted this skirt but no idea what to put with it

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i doubt this is actually you, but this shit is tight

Lose weight. Harsh but would do more for your look than clothes.

Skirts of that kind can't be effay, they make you look like an old lady. Sorry.

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This is dope lunarcore ish almost good job homes

Top half is 10/10 by the way


Lmao goddamn it's cause of the sand hoodie. I'll try swapping it out for a grey jacket

>This much playroom on the waist
>That exaggerated taper on the legs

Where do you even find such pantaloons?

Thighs are baggier cause of the pockets and the drop crotch but it tapers tighter again at the waist. It's a weird silhouette but to be honest that's what I like about them. They're gas mask cargos I got off grailed

I like all of this, can't comment on if jacket fits bad, but I love those boots
I like the yellow holocaust prisoner uniform shirt
the sweater makes you look like some cartoon character but idk who
I love this shirt
ok, you're getting there, just keep going, also if you want, working out would help.
sell me some heroin please
don't like the sweater, everything else is fine
cut the skirt, raw hem is great

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fuck it flipped, here

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Can't take a pic but this basically

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/r/mfa core


Got to lose weight. Looks like you're living on campus, visit the gym

I've seen you in here for months and you still cant dress lol

please be bait

lmao, thx for the input, anything I should improve on?

Alright, I'll bite.

First off, you're not lanky enough to pull off that pant/shoe combo. Pants are somehow simultaneously too baggy and too slim for the value-village clown chelseas.

For the top half - The shirt is way too big and rolling up the sleeves just highlights how bad the overall fit of it is. Randomly adding a quirky graphic tee is just completely counterintuitive to the aesthetic you're trying to emulate.

There is no confidence, masculinity, or creativity emanating from this outfit. It looks immature, weak, and boring - a childish attempt at fashion that is uninspired and poorly executed.

Wear clothes that fit you and figure out whether you want to dress like a high-school freshman or an adult.

first just ignore that p embarrassing post, 'counterintuitive to the aesthethic' lol bro the shirt is SLP its exactly what hes trying to emulate

ot it still looks fucking shit. you arent poor tho like 95% of fa at least so i expect good things from you in the future

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nice, pant length/shape works really well with the TNs


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Honestly the open button shirt with graphic tee underneath is really middle school. If you wear a button shirt then have it buttoned up save for the top 1-2 buttons. If you want to show off that t-shirt then wear a jacket instead. Anything with more structure than a flimsy shirt would look better

>"It's the same label bro, that means it fits the aesthetic!"

Not every SLP piece is automatically interchangable in an outfit you mongoloid.
A graphic t-shirt with a rainbow on it doesn't fit the grunge aesthetic that he's aiming for. Hence the criticism.

>"he can buy a $300 redbubble tier t-shirt so he has potential"

Lmao @ you


Papa Franku core?

>implying waywt threads aren't always bad

hello friends i am here
it looks sad
i imagine that you walk the way you stand in this pic and it gives me a laugh, im sorry. you dont look bad, i just dont like it
i dont think it would ever look good. maybe on some skinny white chick
its fine
wow how did you do that magic trick r u a wizard
this is nice
ohh i really like it!!!
i dont feel that hoodie
you never rate go away
what a goof

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W2c froggo?

try looking near some ponds or lakes

what the fuck are you talking about, slp has had one of these zany motifs every consecutive since blood luster. the guy just doesnt know how to use it. pls dont post sentences like 'doesnt emanate confidence and masculinity' on my board again, also dont post your thrifted fit thanks later kiddo

Those boots look retarded on you m8...

Yes or no?

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Not feeling the drapey pants with the puffer. Something more form fitting would go better imo. Nice shoes

Looks good if you're going to a hockey game and live in Arizona

this ain't your first time at the rodeo

It's like you have the upper body of a fat boy and the legs of a lady


lmao, I'll make sure to put that in my bio thx

I can imagine it working but I'm not sure what it'd work with
Everything from the waist up is good, but I'm not so sure about the bottom. Loose pants still need to fit well, and these ones bow out at the knees in a weird way.
Very neat jacket but those pants are too tight on you. I feel like those boots might look massive from any kind of side-angle but it could be the perspective
Minus the shoes, this would look fine to any normie who isn't a fashion obsessive, but it's definitely not interesting or mature at all. The button-up fits you nicely though
Very nice, I'd get a thicker belt and give the tucked shirt a little more slack, though
I don't think I have ever seen anyone make a maxi skirt look good. I immediately think of farmers' markets, shitty DIY jewelry, and cheap incense when I see them. The shirt looks good on you, though.

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Clothes are too baggy for your exoskeleton try sizing down

I might be blinded by bias because I know so many guys who try to dress like this, but I just can't stand this style. The boots are sending it over the edge
I fucking love this. You don't need feedback, you know what you're doing.
I hate it. I hate all of it, I hate it a lot.
>wearing shorts with dark leg hair
Don't do this. Only those with blonde leg hair can pull off shorts unshaven
You can probably only pull that sweater off if the lower half is clean as hell, and it sure isn't here

why you always look like a goddam hobo

Those pants look horrendous uncuffed

try google image search. of course it isn't him

hewwo evewyone ! ^_^


i enjoy this but do ur cargo pockets make it uncomfortable to walk with if u have stuff in em?

sugoi, whats ur hair look like ??

rly dig the shoes here, how did u get the amount of dirt the exact same on ur twins pair in the back?


u look like snckpck only feedback i have is maybe try a different pant shoe combo? might just be angle/pose but it looks awful here. top half is fine, glasses & watch included.

whats that sweater on top? maybe size down on it? looks dope though

looks good in that room ,idk if i would feel the same way if i saw you on the bus or smth though

do u have any standing pics? i rly like how the top half looks

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St. Paddy's day boys

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I'm personally no fan of bucket hats (a five-panel cap might look good in its place) but I like everything else and you're definitely pulling off the look you're going for. Just remember to keep that posture up, my friend ;)
>do u have any standing pics? i rly like how the top half looks
Sure thing, buster

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424 denim jacket
n(n) denim jacket
slp t-shirt
undercover jeans
ann d derbys

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is it weird to wear white shoes with an all black outfit

Not if you have a good silhouette

>i enjoy this but do ur cargo pockets make it uncomfortable to walk with if u have stuff in em?

I never put stuff in the cargo pockets


why is this thread so dead

It's saint Patty's day. Everyone's out instead of browsing japanese cartoon imageboards

not big on the boots
boots and pants ruin it
congrats on putting on clothes
boring, overdone, cool kicks
nice shoes. stupid picture
trying too hard but oretty nice. dub dubs checked
peasantry core
boots dont match. boring outfit
ugly ass boots ruin the fit
scarf is iffy. alright otherwise
faggot boots
cool shoes

Thank you user

Another masspost with shit opinions and garbage taste. Stupid fucking faggot


fucking bump

ID on shoes?

Veeky Forums IS DEAD

>Just remember to keep that posture up, my friend ;)

oh dont worry thats just for the pics, its usually worse o3o

i rly like the collar on the green jacket, might try something along the lines of this layering if i can find similar pieces.

did u rly tuck it in to ur pants though?

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BEst itt so far, something’s missing tho idk what

>did u rly tuck it in to ur pants though?
Nah, just the very front. It's goofy but I've got a long torso so I like what it does to my proportions

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It's good but very basic and boring for the price you put in. Love the shoes though.

you'd make a cute girl and all you'd have to do to achieve that look is take off your glasses. Go to the gym

pants are too small right?

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