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Grid Thread
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Hey guys, I don't really know how to be fashionable ( I think I'm in the norm ), any advices ? Where should I look at, which style and aesthetic are suitable for built bodies ? I do a lot of sports and am rather tall so for exemple skinnies aren't that good on me, imo. Or is trendy to have like a second skin ?

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Don't ever wear skinnies, fag

Could try slim fit jeans rather than skinny, bit more forgiving and look better imo. Especially in black and dark navy denim. Could also try chinos in lighter colours like tan and olive.

Basically though if you're fit and tall it doesn't really matter, anything you wear will probably look good.

I like everything about this except the shirt. Would be better with a white shirt or a black/navy/olive polo.

I also wear more or less the same with a white shirt, I use one each day

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What shirts are those?

I just googled "t shirt pack" cause I just buy basics like that off amazon. not sure what those are specifically but you can find tons of similar packs on amazon or ebay

great except for the shoes

Are you Logic?

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Rate my style, Veeky Forums.

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w2c pants i fw your look heavy

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how do I dress not basic?

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nice pants, what are you? a jewfag?

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>velcro in 2018

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Really love this

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cool hoodie, where is it from?

Your feet, I want them in my mouth.

pretty nice
not bad, could easily go lunarcore with that jacket
decent, just don't wear really skinny shit and you'll be fine
it alright, not sure if the pink shirt fits with the generally muted colors tho
quite nice
alright if you own a yacht, tryhard otherwise
basic, but alright
I'd go with different shoes
post fit
nice sneaks, not sure about the rest
don't like that sneaker color
nothing good about this except for the earphones

If I saw a girl wearing those socks Of think she probably takes it up the back passage.

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Hope you like hobbit feet, faggot.
Thank God.
From socks alone? Are you a wizard?

I thought this was a thing where i can build my dream fit or something so i don't actually have all that shit but i can make a new one where are the things i'm wearing rn

>From socks alone? Are you a wizard?
No, just incredibly judgemental.

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>What if Jessica Jones wore a skirt

There u go

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Is your favourite colour blue by any chance?

White, just can't buy white trousers yet

White pants are too much for me, but otherwise pretty cool

I primarily only use the white jeans for my white-on-white outfits.

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love the colour scheme even though am not a fan of the jacket n the boots.

nice dimples
very good, what are the pants?
garbage shoes, fine otherwise
top and skirt are good together. don't like the rest
belt seems like an overkill. not sure about white jeans either.

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here. Gotta compliment you for a proper music tee at least. Like the simplicity.

To defend myself with the belt then I fucking hate the look of tucked tees without a belt

Generally i meant the two pronged design, a simpler single prong would be better imo

Some sort of lounge/bar fit. I dunno what do you rate.

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guess my job
>protip i make $$$

i study arts idk why
>college is so hard urgh, why can't i be rich
that aussie dude who is chill with everyone
>"i'm bi i swear i don't pretend"
co-worker who sleeps with the ceo
"i only do drugs in parties mom, don't worry"
Daddy help me buy
wtf are you an arab-jew?
i like techno
real qt irl either male or female
underage b&
i bet you like anal
hello norm mcNormcore
i have fishnet so the boys will understand where the smell of fish comes from

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I am a real qt yes :) and some kind of web designer?


These I like

Spot on except I'm from New Z

I'm still not knowledgeable enough to get out of my usual sportswear, who should I look at for inspo ? I'm 6'3 and walk between 185/195

w2c jacket desu

rate my average fit

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wear pants like a real human bean

W2c glasses

Change the shoes and its good

got mine at goodwill

they're nudie brute knut

Terrible tb honest

best itt so far, v nice anons

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Why nobody gives a fuck about my outfit?

all of these are dope
favorite in thread so far

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Pretty normie-core. It's alright but maybe switch out the shoes.

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pretty basic desu
i dig the boots w2c
i really really really really like this

Love the backpack/glasses/hat combo
pale looks good, maybe try different shoes though? Opinel is also a great knife
kind of simple but the colors are nice
Live in a warm climate? Either way I like it, looks great
kind of boring, you could probably start by finding a new shirt, or at least a different color
a little juvenile but not too bad
neat, I like that shirt and glasses
nice color pattern, also just a cool urban aesthetic in general
this is either a meme or you are a freshman in college who only knows about greek life based on movies
I really love this one, very simple and I love the colors
so are you like a detective in southern Europe or?
not my taste but looks alright
really boring. I like the shirt, maybe go for a nicer looking jacket?
hoodie and shoes are a bit weird but everything else is chill
you must be very new here. Pretty boring/entry level
this is just weird
kind of simple, but it's ok
try something other than leather for the skirt, but I really like the rest
pretty nice
really boring
really nice colors but honestly where do you live that something like this would be functional? I could see this looking really good if you were living somewhere out west in a semi-rural area
weird but at least it's kind of different
you could get a better wallet but everything else looks fresh

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Do you actually have that gosha jacket?

here, they're allsaints' tallis trousers

fw this hard



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fun fact: the babies on the side of the water bottle thing is from the 19th academic painting 'Birth of Venus' by Alexandre Cabanel

>fun fact
People doing this should be shot

i do,its cool i like it

Pretty basic, but this has been my go-to fit lately

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WOW user. That's a really fun fact!

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ID on pants?

Like the fit a lot

How very specific

comfy and boring

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>Hitting the high 80s/low 90s in March

Fucks my shit up

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What core is this? I really want to see what this looks likes.

outfit for tomorrow
couldn't find the same pants but you get it, ya dig?

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id on pants?

>really nice colors but honestly where do you live

I live in FL. Anything other than a suit and you can blend in here.
What's not functional about it?


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'Shit I wear'-core
I'll post fits if enough people bump

please do