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This meme is dumb and cringey, and I do not endorse its general message. But I think it raises a good point: who is runway fashion actually for? I mean the weird, eccentric designer stuff that models wear. The masses can't afford them (or fit into them lol), but rich people don't seem to wear them, either - maybe celebrity artists, but certainly not businessmen, politicians or rich kids on spring break. I understand that many designers basically treat this as an art for art's sake, but the government doesn't really subsidize it that much (right?), so who pays for it?

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this, only fags wear this shit

it's not something you're gonna be wearing, fool.
it's an artistic event that gives you inspiration and showcases trends/materials/etc

It's fun, you soulless shithead.

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>it's an artistic event that gives you inspiration and showcases trends/materials/etc
I like this answer.

I don't mind fun, but this particular kind of fun seems super expensive, arguably more than necessary considering how much models get paid.

Noone, it's not about the suits but the idea, design, color, the inspiration, anything that took to make it.

Noone would wear that shit, but maybe the suit says something new, and from there, a trend starts.

Left pic related is a beta cuck following the herd and dressing according to the mainstream norms of the day, Right pic related is an alpha maverick, a true chad who dares to question orthodoxy and follow his own path, bowing to no man

Runway fashion is a huge prostitution ring.


>considering how much models get paid.

vast majority make shit all

Pret a porter v. Runway


You said it: it's art.
I don't know what you mean by "the government doesnt subsidize it" though. Not all art is made using grant money and I'm pretty sure the government does support fashion artists, here in the uk anyway.

Runway shows are paid for with tickets and money from the ready to wear collection

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imagine being dressed in full leather in the middle of fucking Botswana, those guys must suffer a lot

>Not all art is made using grant money

The kind of art that isn't expected to have mass appeal often is, though.

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A runway show is a chance for a designer to show his or her creative skills by using unique or unusual designs, techniques, materials, or patterns, typically along a centralized theme. Ready to wear shows are for clothes that will go into stores.

w2c spongebob tee?

But the artist in top left was actually good

That's how it works

that's some cool calligraphy (bottom left). would look great as an album cover.


>duchamp was a hack
t. wikipedia-educated poltard

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Lol. Fountain was basically a joke by duchamp. Hardly state funded anyway

Prancing faggit on right, being paid to wear sillyass fits he really doesn't like. Runway models are whores for the money (and the coke and the heroin and the weed) In real life model cuck wears thrift store hand me downs.

if you need to describe the meaning of your artwork to people, you're a shitty artist.
the art should convey everything without aid. otherwise it's just nonsense accompanied by a speech.

lol. fucking baby. what there is to explain in duchamp?

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some naked lady in a cave in a giant birdnest with a candle, wtf is the point?

This. It's the wearable equivalent of a concept car. Only bits and pieces (silhouette, material, fabrication, or whatever) will make it into the final product.

>all art must be representative and simple enough for me to enjoy

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This. Many shows are purely artistic and impractical, but every designer is different. Some designers have really avante garde shows but really sterile products.


>What is dadaism?
Kys swine

>state sponsored