Is being vegan effay?

is being vegan effay?

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this image seems to imply that people who eat meat eat it exclusively as opposed to also eating other things

soz but I'm not seeing how it implies that, none of the studies mention carnivorous diets

>mfw there will never be any sufficient arguments in pro of zoophagy and against veganism
>mfw any such arguments when pushed to their limits inevitably end in naturalistic fallacies, appeals to the majority and ultimately boil down to expedient comfort conditioned by degenerative mass cultural and educational indoctrination mobilized to keep the long-standing socio-economic and socio-industrial complex running
>mfw there are people who will dispute this

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I can't help but laugh at /pol/-tier infographics like this, because if anybody bothered to check they would notice that the articles never support the claims being made. First one I looked at was [3] regarding IQ and guess what - vegetarianism was associated with higher social class and level of education.

>Vegetarians were more likely to be female, to be of higher social class (both in childhood and currently), and to have attained higher academic or vocational qualifications
>IQ in childhood was associated with all indicators of socioeconomic status. Mean childhood IQ was higher in participants from non-manual occupational backgrounds, both in childhood and currently; in those with higher academic or vocational qualifications; and in those with higher annual gross earnings (data not shown).

I doubt OP has ever read beyond an abstract in his life

thanks for confirming that vegetarians are in fact higher class and higher IQ

vegetarianism confirmed effay


keep coping plebeian

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Pretending to be vegan to prey upon vegan girls is effay.

thank you for confirming that veganism is absolutely retarded, your endorsement is all the proof i could ever need

B 1 2


I was fucking obese when I was vegan, best to stick to normal people

how do I get a qt vegan gf

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No. Veganism is a cult, not a fashion statement. And on your sources;
Not vegan, vegetarian
Exogenous estrogen is mostly destroyed in stomach acid. This is why estrogen tablets are coated. You'd need to drink stupid amounts of milk to have any effects.
This is a non causal correlation.
Three weeks of supplements increases test. That's all the study says. Nothing about linking increased test to hair loss and nothing about a normal meat based diet.
Only partly due to meat. Also includes:
High caloric uptake
High glycemic load
High fat
Ignores and doesn't account for normal daily care and bodily health.
Some people are lactose intolerant. So what?
Is associated with. A middling correlation at best.
Eating carrots is healthy. Wow. What wonderful knowledge.
It seems that veganism is only good for taking sources out of context.


>not knowing what DHT is
>not knowing that creatine is contained in meat

educate yourself and try again bro

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>Veganism is a cult,
>doesn't know what "cult" means
>operates on a misguided pre-conceived notion of what the vegan lifestyle consists in
Uh oh, looks like the rest of your post has been rendered invalid

Hey, cultist retard. They were eating supplementary creatine alongside their normal meal. They had well over the normal amount for a healthy human being in them.

Tripfag idiot being an idiot. What a surprise. Veganism has shown off a large number of cult like tendancies such as
All questioning of the vegan lifestyle is to be shut down and disavowed
>Exclusivity and the personation complex
All non vegans are bad and all vegans are good
Don't even bother talking to those meatcucks. They don't know what they're talking about
>Love bombing
You go girl! Stick to that vegan diet!
Don't worry about all these arguments against veganism. Just do like does
Veganism will make you the healthiest!
>Cognitive dissonance
No. Ignore all these studies proving otherwise. Look at all these misconstrued studies instead
All these meatcucks are bad.

They also have higher incidence of neurosis

easy big boi, keep calm

woah, nerve=hit
You've already made clear that you don't know what veganism is, a basic pre-condition for starting any discussion on it, so nobody has to address anything you say. You can keep projecting your personal unfulfillment and guilt by putting words in imaginary people's mouths as much as you like bud, your incompetence has already been established.

No, playing with your diet is a sign that you aim to wish to control more in your life but have not yet reached the status of adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it so you place artificial limits on the one thing you can

everyone get a load of this ideologically brainwashed creature

>No, playing with your diet is a sign that you aim to wish to control more in your life but have not yet reached the status of adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it so you place artificial limits on the one thing you can
Plot twist: "adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it" is an "artifical limit" generated by the code of capitalism and you are its evidenty well-functioning mirror-tool.

That girl is seriously cracked man. the restrictive diet is probably putting her in a constant state of psychosis. Or this lifestyle just attracts the weirdos

Part of the thing why I love meat so much is becaue I hate animals

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There was one study where they took ridiculus amounts of creatine(25grams) +normal daily diet and their hair got thinner.

Max daily dose is 3grams

There are lots of other things that make you lose hair waay quicker

That's a male isn't it

hope not lol

Whatever happened to a balanced diet of meats and little veggies with little carbs

>correlational studies can be used to draw causality
congratulations on that high IQ you have user

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>Hit a nerve
False. Just because I go on long diatribes doesn't mean I'm angry.
>I don't know what veganism is
False. Veganism is the removal of meat and any meat related products from your diet. This idea seems to attract faggots like you to it. The idea isn't inherently cult like, people like you turned it into a cult.
Pic related

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Is that why you're morbidly obese?

>operates on a misguided preconceived notion of what the vegan lifestyle consists in

He didn't make a single statement on the specifics of a vegan lifestyle, you just burned a small and poorly built strawman and stood over it with a pre-cum leaking semi while Jamal was busy breaking your bedframe

>False. Veganism is the removal of meat and any meat related products from your diet.
Not just from your diet but from use in general and not just "meat related products" in particular but animal derived products in general. Ok now that's not at all the same thing as saying that veganism is a cult, I think we're making some real progress here guys

>people like you turned it into a cult.
Pretty sure clarifying what something means doesn't turn that something into a cult

>He didn't make a single statement on the specifics of a vegan lifestyle,
Cool, nor was anyone implying that he did. Way to post without a point

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what does "Sieg" mean? Like "Sieg Heil"?

doesnt happen
>Exclusivity and the personation complex
no vegan thinks all vegans are inherently good people based solely on their veganism. also yes funding rape, murder and slavery is pretty bad
what is vegan activism
>Love bombing
literally nothing wrong with this
there arent any lol. every poorly thought out arguments are easily dubunked
no one thinks this
>Cognitive dissonance
citation needed. meat and dairy funded propaganda doesnt count
yes funding rape, murder and slavery is pretty bad

these threads always manage to be fun.
anyway go vegan

Anyone in here have tips for returning to veganism? Was vegetarian for two years, then vegan for about 6 months until I moved back home from school because I took a semester off. Now that I'm home, I just eat whatever with burst of healthy eating. Any easy recipe ideas or anything?

Oh look, it's this thread again.
Fuck off soyboy. Do you even lift?

>Thanks for confirming that the studies are biased.

Thanks user.

Vegancult brainlets btfo as usual.

I'm a bad cook so I just put various beans in everything.
Also tofu sandwiches I guess are cool
this is a thread I mae a while back where people posted a bunch of tofu recipes

women were a mistake

It's not even that the studies are biased, it's that OP doesn't know the difference between a correlational study and an experiment. Correlations only tell you the strength of a relationship between variables. They don't tell you if X caused Y or if Y caused X. X and Y could even be correlated because of a third variable. OP is a wikipedia-educated rube who's crudely attempting to make a literature review but doesn't understand the basics of study design

Thanks for the info user, I'm going to study on it now too, there's still much to learn.

>that image
Can't be right, I eat ramen and only ramen, yet I'd smell like an onion if I didn't wash twice a day