Geobaskets sizing

Hey Veeky Forums

I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of geos, but I need some help with sizing. I wear a 9 in timberlands, 9.5 in Sambas, 9 in GATs, and 9 in Raf Velcros. What would be the best sizing for geos?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Also post Geo Fitz :^)

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I want to buy a pair myself, i usually wear a 43 in prestos, vans and so on. I own some Drkshdw Ramones in 42 and the fit really well. So i am going to get the geos in 42 too.

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Historically they’ve always run big but I’m not sure if that’s still the case. Normally I wear a 9.5 or 10 and my geos fit perfectly at a 9. I’d just get a 9 if I were you, they’re big shoes with a really wide toe box.

dont do it

Pick them up, I love mine!

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You wear timbs, sambas, gats and rafs and you want to wear geos ?

Please post a fitpic in the cringe thread once you get them. I'm curious to see this disaster

Thanks for the advice boys

Those are actually my least meme sneakers. I also have yeezy 1s, SBs, and PCL vans d:^)

No problem my friend.
I hope you enjoy them once you will get them.
Take care.

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buy your size, they're roomy on top but not so forgiving lengthwise. if you size down even a half you better only have thin socks

as a reference im
8 in Lanvin,
9 Red Wing,
9.5 adidas,
9 Converse,
and my size 8 Geobaskets fit good although a 8.5 would be absolutely perfect.

I recommend 0.5 - 1 size down

I'm usually a 9.5 in most shoes, but went down to 9 with my geos and they fit ok

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Damn the cargobaskets look great here.

Do these look dated to anyone else? They remind me of 2010.

>Those are actually my least meme sneakers. I also have yeezy 1s, SBs, and PCL vans d:^)
Please please please please post a fitpic when you get the geos

Maybe it's because Rick has had the same aesthetic for a long time, but remember that the average person has no idea what they are, so they'll be completely new to them.

Im a 43-44 on most shoes. Go a size down on eu. 43s fit me perfectly. Just dont meme and only wear skinny jeans with them

picturing it now
supreme shirt underneath thrifted flannel, balmain biker jeans tucked into geos

wtf do these kinda people do for a living
like do they wear a suit and tie during the week and wear this shit out on the weekend?

or are they all just unemployed or students living off their parents' money?

how baggy are the pants actually never mind the flannel kills it for me


nobody wears rick owens anymore

i guess flyover states are behind by half a decade

I do with a shitty job these clothes retain value

youre going to look like a fucking retard

I would pay to see this

>do they wear a suit and tie during the week and wear this shit out on the weekend
I know some people who actually do

I also know other people who work in artistic fields and thus can simply dress like that on a daily basis