5'6 manlet here, what are some Veeky Forums sneakers that will make me taller?

5'6 manlet here, what are some Veeky Forums sneakers that will make me taller?

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alexander mcqueen

stop worrying about your height. it's not worth it m8

there are none

60 mm SLP waytt

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Sick kicks!

Your face when you realized that boxer nigga is a necklet while being one of THE greatest boxers ever.

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Taking that mufuggin neck pill


i don't think the thumb-look is that attractice as the neckmaxers claim

It's aesthetic and intimidating.

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I can't afford that shit

meh I'm not really worried, I walk around in very flat shoes every day. I was just thinking if I had an extra inch or so when I went out it might improve my chances of pulling a chick

Igor, you don't even leave your home

find the right "accessories" (refer to pic)

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Those seem a bit lame to me, Downey Jr tier. I was just looking for something which has a bit of a heel and looks good. I'd probably have more success asking Veeky Forums since there are some normal people there.

embrace your smolness faggot, nothing you do will make you look taller, your using the same logic as "does this dress make me look fat?"


nothing. just accept it. and wear something other than sneakers please.

No bitch ever will fuck insecure guy even if you was 8'

Heel greatly damage your knee joint.
If you wear even 2 inch heels still damage your knee cap area and raises the chance of arthritis.
Not worth

I'm aware of this, that's why I generally wear barefoot style shoes. I'm just looking for something to wear for a few hours when I go out.

I also don't understand why everyone always gets so defensive at this topic and starts attacking. I accept that I am a manlet and don't really have any issues with it, but I've recently put on muscle mass and want an extra inch or two to see if it helps with the female attention. Is that such a pathetic thing? It's like there's a bunch of 5'9ers in here who don't want someone like me to be the same height as them.


I've got a pair of standard Doc Martens with black stitching that I've taken to wearing everywhere.

I'm 5'9 barefoot and I'd say they add around 3cm, pretty normie-tier too so nobody will call you out on it. Either way, whatever you buy (short of actual lifts) will only be a minor improvement, but if it gives you a little extra confidence then its worth it.

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also 5'6" op and the only thing i can tell you is that height doesnt actually matter to women (if thats what youre after) and really only helps your outward appearance by changing your ability to wear certain styles because of proportions. Its good that youre putting on muscle mass, thats what i did and once you have good posture and a filled-in body, i think youll look fine, given that your proportions arent horrendous. women mostly care about confidence so just remember that you dont have to be overbearing about it, just realize that youre good at stuff, no matter what people say. however, if adding a little height will boost your confidence, go for it, but anybody worth having isnt going to judge you by height anyway.

Nike airmax

5'7 and I bought some 1 inch lifts for like 30 bucks online. They made a huge difference in my confidence and I felt so much better about myself. I wore them to work religiously at my new job. I got some new shoes for Christmas that year and forgot to switch the lifts in, but my confidence was internalized at that point. I didn't need them anymore and I haven't worn them since.

Be proud of yourself, faggot. It's not just a meme. It's reality.

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just be the manlet, it's not that bad, plenty of tiny womanlets out there. stop being a faggot and live your life. boots don't hurt though.

Find the shoes you like and add platform to the search and rinse and repeat until you find a pair of platform shoes you like


nike af1