Hurr durr this is not fashion

>hurr durr this is not fashion
people said the same about van gogh, piss christ and dadaism, but today it's celebrated as influential and beautiful art

what if the fashion worn by computer geniuses is the fashion that will be remembered, but we're too weak-minded to realise it?

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Because computer nerds should be exterminated

autists dress like autists. It is that simple you fucking autist.

Zuckman has extremely long and sharp canine teeth just like mine! It's rare to see that, although mine still seem sharper than his

I cried after reading this. True art

while this may be true richard stallman is a literal god among men when it comes to computers

I think 90's tech entrepreneur (Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the only examples I can think of) are at least somewhat influential.

Regardless, is fashion just the way people dress, or is it the act/whatever of consciously dressing a certain way?

Are you a blood-sucking Jew like him?

Nah, mostly Norwegian with some Irish in there too

Interesting. I'm also Irish and have some fairly pointy canines, though not nearly as bad as Zuck's.

>what if the fashion worn by computer geniuses is the fashion that will be remembered, but we're too weak-minded to realise it?

people already make a big deal about steve jobs and his style, it makes anybody who wears anything remotely similar say "oh are you trying to dress like steve jobs?"

reminder that if you have enough money, most normies will want to be like you

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If you’re on this site you’re at least a bit of a computer nerd

>Nah, mostly Norwegian with some Irish in there too

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omg, a real purebreed is in our midst, ladies and gentlemen
please sir, grace us with a screenshot of your 23&me stats

it’s not 2008 anymore dog

Mixed European (((heritage))) is still whiter than you, Muhammad.

No fucking way.

Im a pro composer and a law student and have friends in engeneering.

Every person who is overly dedicated to a solitary craft just forgets to and never learns to curate their appearance*instrumentalists, some artists, engeneers, accountants*

The people who spend time socialy and have time for the appreciation of aesthetic dress better most of the time *painters, lawyers, managers*

It physically hurts me to see admirable smart people with long neck hair and walmart tees covered in sweat

is this really that bad to be a computer nerd in eyes of people? im planning to go study something computer related, but just to get money to live for, my goal in life is still to experience new stuff and enrich myself culturally

GNUcore needs to be a thing

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>teleports behind you

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the geniuses are there to bring knowledge, not fashion

He posted the meme XD

I love how the mutts recoiled in shame, thx for posting fellow EuroGOD

so easy to trigger mutts
thanks for the (you)s

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stallman is an aesthetic god


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