I hope you guys really don't wear backpacks, right?

I hope you guys really don't wear backpacks, right?

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24 year old grown man who wears a backpack everyday here. stay mad

how else to carry this around?

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>christine sydelko
get the fuck off my board

I seriously don't get it. Is there something wrong with using a backpack? Go to NYC, there are tons of high powered professionals wearing backpacks on their way to/from work and when running errands.

how else am i going to carry my snuff around?

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This is where Veeky Forums and /k/ meet. Beautiful gun.

And they look retarded doing it. A high powered professional should use a briefcase

okay fa whats the fashionable alternative to the 2 shoulder backpack?

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arya stark?

who cares? who is this cunt anyway?
I'll skin her and wear her remains as a backpack.

>this is who OP takes fashion advice from


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>implying this wouldn't be Veeky Forums's gun

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fuck fashion

I'm out


So that one fat cunt from vine who tweets about judgemental people being mean is a hypocritical-yet-typical judgemental fat cunt.

Up next on the news: Water is wet, Sky is blue, Grass is green.

i work as a bike messenger, i get more compliments on my bag than everything else combined.

just like every other item of clothing it depends what specifically it is and what you're wearing it with

pic related is my bag

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how much do you make per hour? I see messengers coming in and out of my building, always wondered what the quality of life is like

Based chris

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Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

This looks like a toy. Poor taste

ah god, i had totally forgotten about it this damn

Well little Timmy, sometimes grown ups need to carry things around too.

weak fucking bait

I think this guys has bigger problems than the backpack.

>aesthetic over functionality

Literally grow up

oh i make terrible money. the pay is abysmal. you get no benefits, its incredibly stressful, super dangerous, dead end job.
but it's my favorite job ever and i couldn't do anything else

where does this whale get off commenting on OTHER people's appearances

Man, I looked that shit up and was honestly disgusted. It not even just that she's fat, its that she can't be fucked to at least dress properly or even do basic fucking hygiene. She talks like urban trash and only uses toilet humour. She really is not qualified to critique anyone else's appearance. Thanks for ruining my day, faggot.

Fuck that is a nice gun. 10/10 Would definitely terrorize an urban center with that.

These are both faggots.

Nothing. Backpacks are fine as long as they arent autistic looking and you actually use them

This guy is correct. I need one for my job. I am actually doing shit during my day.

Literally no one in the business world does this anymore. We all have laptops and shit to carry.

>Backpacks are fine as long as they arent autistic looking and you actually use them

Absolutely neck yourself.

Real men uses briefcases, attache cases, etc. Backpacks are for literal children.

i really dont get this thread, what the fuck am i supposed to use if I can't use my backpack to carry a shitton of heavy books and a laptop with food and chargers conviniently while i travel and am on foot for 5 hours a day

This isn't about whether or not students can carry backpacks. They can. That's what they're for.

It's about whether or not grown fucking men can. And the answer is categorically no.

This is a stupid thread and OP is trying to make himself feel superior to backpack wearers bc this website + shitposting is all he has
don't worry about it

jeez this bitch is boring. she has nothing else to talk about. imagine being her.

Asked a balding jew-fro dude how old he was today
Knew kids that were 17 that were balding. Grow up, OP.

Lol, I said where they meet not what Veeky Forums thinks is a cute gun. That said, this might actually work as a self-defense weapon because your attacker would laugh himself to death when it snags on your purse strap.

Hey, did that for 4 years and felt the same way about it. Broke my collar bone, two pinkies, three ribs and fractured my skull. Fucked, drank and destroyed lots of things. Still don't understand that time in my life.

judgmental bitches like this piss me off

taking pics of random people for their shitty social media profiles

t. 16 year old

Only literal neckbeards and soyboys use satchels and briefcases at Uni. Unless you're a 8-10/10 wearing a suit, a satchel/briefcase is going to look totally autistic.

dios mio

>Implying you'd recognize a (((real man))) even if his dick was in your mouth

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Duffle bag / Gym bag

Slim-fit-long-backpacks > boi pucci purses uwu.

I carry a backpack for work, eat my ass desu~.

Solid choice user

are you unironically posting this as inspo?

I take a backpack to work

Nope brosky, just got this badboy.

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>wearing a suit to uni
even chad would look autistic

these are pretty good as long as you look like you actually do a sport

dude I go to college, I'm not taking a retarded briefcase all the way there just so some cocksucker won't post some shit in spanchat

Literally this.
Besides teachers, I've never seen a normal dude with a briefcase or some shit else than a backpack.

>normal dudes don't use anything other than a backpack

Are you retarded?

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you don't "wear" a backpack, you use one to hold shit for school or whatever. fuckin nerds lmfao

do you think this is normal? he looks like a fucking fag carrying his bowling ball around. but that goes for most of the shit you guys post here

If you ever go to an edc thread you'll see people do, indeed, carry around everything they own.

Large bags are necessary.

>he looks like a fucking fag carrying his bowling ball around.
maybe in the US. This is fairly normal in eu

>it's normal in the EU for men to carry purses

Top soy.

I don't like backpacks but I need to carry lots of shit to my architecture classes. Anyone has some bag inspo?

I don't know where you live but every normal person I see uses backpacks. The ones who don't do are suit-wearing office drones

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you are fucking delusional

Just recently made the switch to a really old Barbour satchel type thing, having graduated college and started working about 4 months ago. The issue I had was finding something I liked the look of. I found most of the high end stuff looks too formal for me, and the low end just looks like shit. The Barbour bag I found is super dirty and literally smells musty. It’s exactly what I wanted.

>making fun of people's appearance when this is what you look like

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Literally fuck off. He could be taking classes to better himself or doing a job that requires him to carry shut around all the time.

Your arbitrary fashion rules are retarded and is right.

What dubsman said
if you're under 30 and not wearing a suit, briefcases are fedora-core

Kek, you'd be surprised by the amount of people who wear suits and backpacks in the real world.

This retard is correct. Briefcases and satchels are for either: 1) Middle aged business men in suits or 2) University professors. If you're in any other category you will look 100% autistic

I wear a suit to uni if I have like a presentation or an interview or something. But yeah, if you wear one to lecture, you'll look autistic.

pic related

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All the surgeons and doctors I know wear backpacks when they start their shift.

Lol, should he wear a fucking purse or something?

How else am i supposed to carry my weed and tall boy beers around

Bags are like coats, you buy different ones for different things. A backpack is out of place in an office and who carries an attache case with them casually

you should´ve learnt how to ride a bike first

>in eu
in which fucking country? I have never seen anyone carrying shit like that around

la cretura

OUCH, watch yr edge buddy! One of us could have gotten a cut.


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i have moved past such primitive things such as what you mere mortals call "backpacks"

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final home did this years ago

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unironically my favorite

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Hel yeah!

26 year old here.
Would carry a backpack but I evolved into carrying a duffle bag

>maybe in the US. This is fairly normal in eu
I'm american and always use a tote or a similar bag. other poster is just retarded and probably lives in a flyover shithole.
if you live in any good city, this wouldn't be out of place at all. also being this afraid of looking gay, wtf is he even doing on a fashion forum

the chucks make him look like an oversized kid instead of the bag.

old people really shouldn't wear chucks at all. they're trying to look youthful in a bad way.

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got this bad boy for uni, pretty spacious and tough as nails

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You realize most of Veeky Forums is college students, right? Probably all of them except your autistic ass use a backpack


>Real men uses briefcases, attache cases, etc. Backpacks are for literal children.

yeah, because
>be me
>carry around laptop and books in a brief case because it was like a lockable backpack
>pull out briefcase to retrieve laptop
>normies ask if i am about to shoot up the school and "lol you got a gun in there user?"

imagine how gay-in-denial you have to be to think this looks cool

If you wear a suit, don’t use a backpack. Otherwise it’s fine. The real issue here is that this appears to be a balding 40 year old man who is wearing converse sneakers. That’s pathetic.

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>implying some yugo surplus SKS rifle isn't Veeky Forums's gun

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>should be
Who decided that?

Pretty much every day I go to uni I hit the gym as well, so I defo need a gym bag haha. The amount of stuff you can fit in em is pretty insane desu

mall ninja as fuck