>no cringe threda

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how is this cringe faggot

There is literally nothing wrong with that fit, its not my style but you have to have some serious autism to say that is cringe. You are cancer, stop projecting. Post your own fit if you really think you know what looks good?

>camo cargos
rothco is dead
>bad supreme shirt
not even because it's supreme it's because it's the most basic unoriginal ones
>rip n dip socks
do I have to explain?
>that fucking pose
everything just screams "Im in highschool"

You seem fun to hang out with

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Both are fine, faggot. Sure, they're kinda basic and kinda hypebeastish (the bomber jacket and supreme shirt) but they're basically on the tail end of the current normie trends.

This is actually bad. Long line tee, ill fitted boots, basic varsity jacket

Nobody here knows what cringe means. Now it's just "I'm gonna post that guy that roasted my fit in the WAYWT thread yesterday". Cringe is for fashion that is fundamentally broken in every way possible. If this is what you morons consider "cringe", I can't imagine how you walk past an H&M at the mall without having a stroke. Post actually cringe.
>pic fucking related

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lmfao these proportions are atrocious

not cringe
terrible but i wouldnt call it cringe
actual cringe

>I can't imagine how you walk past an H&M at the mall without having a stroke
>implying the people that post in these threads actually go outside

This guy looks like he just survived fifteen years living in a t-shirt factory



if you're from maryland and you think this is cringe i already know what you look like

To feel cringe is to be inherently beta. It is a form of second hand embarrassment. A non-beta wont feel anything in this thread because they cant imagine themselves making these mistakes, and they feel like even if they did then who cares, life goes on, nothing to get embarrassed over.

faggots coping, denying that OP pic is cringe af

>t. beta NEET

>basic varsity jacket
thats SLP you fucking pleb

don't forget
>that meme tattoo

>"If Hedi shit in a bag I would purchase it"

This is not cringe my little Igor

youre goddamn right i would

S O U T H E R N ... E U R O P E A N ... G R A N D M A M A ... C O R E ~

>rothco is dead
yo'ure dead

A bit matchy matchy but definitely not cringe at all.

>Spending ridiculous amounts of money just to look like shit

Have fun not being a "pleb"

Crazy projection going on in this post. Seek therapy.

Babooshka punk core

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actually cringe is fat people wearing fashion


>not 3 6 mafia

3 6 is one of his greatest inspirations. Stöö is pretty cool if you speak finnish. Lyrics are pretty fucking funny.

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if you guys want cringe then there's always Hel looks and it's new sister site, NYC looks

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it's literally the basic jacket fuckboys buy when they finally have a job better than some minimum wage shithole

>Implying all camo comes from rothco
>Implying rothco was ever good

I just spent an embarrassingly long time wondering if I'd put my dick in that

This is quality cringe
>My lack of style is inspired by my lack of self
>Literally the entire thing is just her wanking off about how worldly she is

the fuck are you talking about that shirt is solid gold


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Sometimes I wonder about a future where the extreme left has global power. In this dystopian world everyone looks like a genderless neon haired fat freak wearing bright androgynous clothing. There are no genders and everyone is mixed raced. Just imagine how a cityscape would look like. All the holographic advertising features morbidly obese people. Restaurants only serve soylent. And the judgeing eye of big sister is always wachting. You dont want to use the wrong pronouns right?

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does it make it less of a basic varsity jacket ?

what is the concept of those websites ? to interview ugly women who dress funny ?

I don't believe you understand what the extreme left is about

i think that jacket would suit me, anyone know where to cop?

Fat people should avoid wearing full Rick at any cost.

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w2c jacket? slp what?

>people should avoid wearing rick at any cost
there, i fixed it

Them shits is fufu


>stay mad brokebois :)

It reminds me of the version of pic related where Hannibal's eyes are red and it fades, does anyone have it?

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menit liian pitkälle :-)

This has nothing to do with the left. Liberalism is center, not leftist.


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How is this cringe?

>those legs and smile
she's too good for him but their fits aint too shit

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>ywn move into a cute city studio apartment with her

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not cringe


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what the actual fuck

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This would look bad on anyone

read the fucking image you retard

>putting sunglasses lens side down on the table

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thanks mate

Not cringe at all. They look happy, leave them alone.


this would be decent if she wasnt fat

These are genuine cringe

yea you're not even wrong

>THINKS THE IMAGE IS CRINGE BECAUSE HE IS JEALOUS, not that the fit us actually bad

holy shit user, i think you need to go back to /r9k/

Fuck you, sad cunt

he's even got the meme tattoo

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Seems like a subtle long term troll, like those Louis Theroux documentaries where he doesn't tell you someone's fucking nuts, he just lets the camera linger on their insanity.

Sometimes I wonder about a future where the extreme Right has global power. In this dystopian world everyone looks like there out of a 1950s commercial, constantly smiling . There is no premarital sex and everyone is white. Just imagine how a cityscape would look like. All the holographic advertising features "happy", "well agusted" people. Restaurants only serve tendies. And the judgeing eye of big Brother is always wachting. You dont want to criticize dear leader?

i actually think his fit is better, maybe it's just cause she's wearing a gay hat

>WAYWT threads
literally no one ever has good fits, it's honestly impressive

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i know what you mean but i browse those and there are 1-2 decent fits every thread. not worth slogging into the shit though for sure

most of the guys getting posted in here probably have gfs

only this guy

sounds beautiful, especially the tendies part.

Is that Eric Wareheim?

Stop embrassing yourself faggot

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also that cancer excuse for a watch

the last two aren’t cringe

>Currently and always obsessed with bullriding and pudding

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looks like he cut his way out of a sleeping bag and called it an outfit

is this the dude that shot that kid in breaking bad

mfa delivers

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