Curly hair thread

What are some good curly hairstyles? I was letting it grow, but right now i'm in a point where it looks not long enough to look good, but long enough to make me look homeless, i want to get a haircut like pic related but i would like to know if there are better options, what do you think?

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i'm not sure myself desu curly hair is a pain
this is what happens to my hair straightened at 180F (it should be mostly safe from damage and i dont like it when it is completely straight)
should i rock the curls or ride the waves?

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natural curls man embrace yourself goods and bads this is how you achieve Veeky Forums nirvana

Doesht really show hair well but this is what I’ve got, not sure what I should do with it

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I decided to embrace my shitty curls and it didnt turn out too badly.

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damn dude you'd look fucking great with a chav haircut

pretty good user

i like it bery gud user

You should keep it low but it's ok like that

Is this hair effay? Excuse the shit fit, its real old

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what should i do if my hair looks like this when it gets long

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You look like an autistic mexican emo kid with the straightened hair. You look like an actual adult and even passably mediterranean wth your real hair.

What do you do on a daily basis to maintain this?

Is this achievable?
How do I get that 70's rockstar hair?

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You've got great hair genetics.

I prefer reducing my curls to waves, but if you want curly hair, then go full pinwheel is my advice.

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Yes, grow it longer. Nice hair

I normally keep my hair back in a bun/pony tail hybrid type thing where about a third of my hair hangs down from the bun and the other two thirds is in the bun. When I let it down I get this weird half straight half curly look. Thoughts anyone?

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I'm sick of dealing with this shitty combination of thinning hair and jewfro.

That sucks, cut it short? Jewfro is cool as long as it isn’t just a ball of friz on you head

The official haircut for mexicans in highschool

FrankJavCee, what are you doing man?

Any other cuts than an undercut? Long curly hair looks trash and buzz cuts are boring. I’ve been wearing a beanie for the last several months, I hate my hair

Does wavy hair count? Any short wavy hair inspo? I have my slicked back atm but my homies think I look like a gangster

Hair atm. About 10ish months of growth

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My hair is just probably 2 grades less curly than the guy in the picture. Like if I comb it enough and let the oils from my scalp build up in it, then my hair becomes semi straight. I'd like to know this as well. I wanna grow out my hair still