This party sucks

post 'em

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oc, just made this terrorwave. Feel free to add shit

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I don’t have any, I’m sorry. All i can offer is a bump

Why does everyone here look scared of me?
I wish I was at home lubing my trusty sks
suka bliat

Newer addition

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>everyone talking.
>not scanning for weapons
>mixed drinks
>not molotov cocktails
I wonder if i tell her my manifesto would she notice
the work i put into my diy arm patch
>showing your face in public
>playing music with the lights on
>standing in front of windows
>not hiding in corners

Wtc qt 3.14 alien gf

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this is great

Low-quality meta from a thread I was in a few weeks back

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this is and will always remain the best one of all time

a true relic of an internet fashion era long gone

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make the pants tighter and you got a gem

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what happened to sufu?

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You have to incorporate /k/ jokes into this due to the nature of the inspo.

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every time this is posted my want for niheicore grows

>Tfw nobody wants to see my balisong tricks

Did I leave my Makarov at home? Everyone is gonna think I'm nofuns

>My pockets are too heavy

Goddamn Im one hell of a faggot for seeing myself in this

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add black bob cut or whatever as well

noone in the tek scene actually acts or looks like this tho

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what do people in the tek scene actually act and look like?

This is spectacular.

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drawfags sap the fun out of everything

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Way to go brainlet these were already posted

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I can't read what that green stuff at the bottom says under the layers of jpeg

lol this is fucking embarassing

and then /pol/ came and sucked the fun out of everything
the end

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I am imagining a party of all these effay wojacks in attendance. all of them in their own little corners of the room.

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i hope dimitri doesn't notice my fake adidas

i can't even tell if this is pro-/pol/ or not

that would ironically be a lit party, maybe it would start off a little slow at first but then it would evlove into a pure effay orgy


>i hope my knock off rolex is obviously fake

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This hurts me

ok boys, I tried. Incorporated the suggestions and tried to add some from /k/ as user suggested

what do you think?

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what are twave haircuts? I'm in between crewcut and buzzcut.

fucking great

I made a Twave one days ago but haven't been able to post it yet

>>Caшкa бля, дeбил eбaнyтый
12/10 m80

I don't get it

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kek, very nice user

This is as old as the rest


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This is like those Beta Vs Chad images where the creator lists beta as 'stuff I don't like' and chad as 'stuff I like'

Took me some time to remember where I heard this.

Top notch shit man.

>Top notch, shit man.
>Top notch shit ,man.

dunno how that happened

Kek. You were reaching out to my inner weeb. Top notch shit, man.

>tfw accomplished something today


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You're also a faggot for caring.
Go all the way or no way.

fuck you seriously

your strap is going the wrong way but 10/10

needs a
>my feet hurt
to be perfect

It hurts.......

on that note

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i don't know whos side this is on but its embarrassing either way

i honestly love the wraps + gloves on the arms
shits cash

>my stripes hurt

Siq Sabiba jacket

I wish they did

Nike tops
Patagonia bullshit

Brainlet is my new favourite word thanks user

haven't seen this guy around in a while
does he still have a crush on his robot toy?

But techno-interests-me-man is a techno dj and he looks like that. He used to do a techno night in helsinki called techno interests me.
>tek scene
check mate atheists

no one who does any of that in public looks like that.

this is the worst one in the thread by far
>lrn 2 text

>I can't go for that

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