Safety Razors/shaving thread

Well Veeky Forums, I'm looking to finally get a safety razor and the sticky recommends the Merkur 34C HD and perhaps I might get that but as someone that's never even held a safety razor nor cannot really grow a beard I'm interested in what safety razors other anons here use.

Post what safety razors you use and how you like it/would recommend it + other equipment you use when shaving like the brush/lather/aftershave. Also general shaving thread because there doesn't seem to be one.

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I used one for 3 or 4 years until I ran out of blades. I used a bic razor and realized there was no difference. a lot of people recommend feathers bit I found them too sharp. Astra worked for me. I used a Gillette repro from China but it broke in a few months, then I found something at an antique shop with a much simpler.

Razorock sells razors, blades, soaps, and aftershaves for pretty cheap

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I've been using this for 2 years and it's the best decision I've made grooming-wise.

I have very sensitive skin and coarse facial hair and their products smell great without feeling like they have TOO many scents in them

The product is marketed to blackies but I still love this company as a whitey

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Ive been using a vintage gillette fat boy that I got from my dead great great uncle. I immediately noticed a better shave than the disposable ones I was using before. A little less forgiving and harder to get little spots but I think it does give a smoother shave. For cream I just use cheap ass Barbasol because it reminds me of my grandpa and dad

I bought some shit tier razor 'van der hagen' from target. It is pretty hard to cut yourself with though. I would get a sample pack of razor blades from amazon, try each brand for 2-3 days and see how you like em, then order a shitload of the one you like.
Building up a lather was pretty timeconsuming imo and the stuff took up a good bit of space. Instead I just use canned foam.


just trying to save money on shaving, i spent $40 two years ago on a razor and razor blades, have been buying another can of save gel like every 6 months for $5

Maggard sells a whole set for like $30, and you can easily get a year's supply of astra razors on amazon for maybe another 10

The maggard kit is a good deal. I didn't even really care about the meme soap but now I kinda like it. I only shave a couple time a week though because my facial hair is light, so ymmv.

pick related with platinum feather blades

btw TOB'S can give a skin rash so try a cream.
buy witchazel and tea tree to avoid infection/bumps.

20 blades are easy mode but these have therapeutic properties

I don't know the brand I use unfortunately, but I highly recommend getting some basics to go along with it.

You need a good cream, not any of that canned stuff you'd find at Target or Wal-Mart. Personally, I like the Art of Shaving's Sandalwood cream (pic related) a lot. It's a very good cream that smells super good. It has a good, natural, masculine scent that doesn't come off as obnoxious as something like Axe. Only downside is that it is oil based, which may leave some residue on your razor/brush, but you can generally just wipe it off under the tap. It's such a small inconvenience that it's really worth it.

The brush is vital. There are many different kinds, but try to find one made with real badger hair. It will typically be softer and less prickly. honestly, as long as you have one at all, you're fine. You do need one though, because it helps a lot with getting a good, even lather.

Aftershave, at least in my view, isn't super important, especially if you wear cologne anyway. Instead of aftershave, I'd recommend moisturizing with actual skincare products. Personally, I use some witch hazel and then some Neutrogena men's facial lotion. The lotion is also SPF 20, which is a small bonus. Make the after shave care more about doing what's best for your skin, leave the scent to your cologne.

I know Reddit gets a lot of shit on effay, but you'll honestly get so much better advice on /r/wicked_edge.

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Nu-male's don't shave.

The razor i use is a Gillette Executive Adjustable with Astra /sp/s, if you can go to a fleamarket or antique shop get any vintage DE razor (brass), after you clean it you will have a razor for decades. do not bid on Ebay there are shill bidders.

do not overpay for pot metal (zamak or zinc alloy) razors, these only will last until the plating wears off at around 10 years or worst these razors will break when dropped.

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this came with the razor housing. how do I use this?

moisten your face with warm water, apply the soap to the face, lather on face with a shaving brush, shave

I actually own a Merkur 34C, not HD though. Thanks to sticky. I have it for around 2 years now and it still in a mint condition, bought a set of blades (100x or 200x) for dirt cheap, still have like 60% left while shaving 2-3 times a week.

I haven't yet found anything more sustainable in my life. Nor any other shavers ever came close to it (used electrical, bics, one times, all shit compared to it) Just watch youtube how to use it

it takes some practice, i've had a safety razor for a few weeks now and i'm still improving
i'm cheap as fuck though. i have a plastic dorco safety razor and i just use this shave cream from a bottle, no brush. i'm sure if i used higher quality stuff (like a merkur) i'd have an easier time
i did find a pretty good deal on ebay for blades, something like 50 blades from 10 brands for $15 i think. My favorites so far have been the green astra and shark blades. they last long and are very smooth

I use a Feather ASD2 with Personal Blues and ToOBS organic (natural, discontinued) shaving cream.

I’ve used this combo for quite a few years now. The only advise I’d offer is to only use feather blades in a feather handle, it’s a insanely luxurious experience if you do not have sensitive skin.

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Oh, does anyone want my Merkur 25C? I no longer use it and it just sits in my bathroom drawers, like new condition.

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Mule R89 + Astra here

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How much? Gotta be better than the Van Der Haagen I bought before I knew anything about safety razors.

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Free, just live in the U.S. so I can do cheap shipping.


Wow, that would be totally awesome dude. I'm in the U.S..

get a shaving soap that smells like breakfast cereal

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I think I bought that exact one, did it come in a black and orange box? That thing was like a fucking meat grinder on my face. I wound up buying a Merkur and have been using it for like 2 years now and love it. Almost never cut myself unless I'm being an absolute barbarian.


It's nice how close it gets but I just stick to Gillette razors

Extraordinary b9

What blades do you recommend so I am no longer a slave to P&G, Astra blades are a no go

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Lord Platinum Class or Bic Chrome Platinum

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I started with an EJ89 but I accidentally killed it with too much vinegar I think. I now have a slanted ikon x3 head with one of those maggard handles. Slanted ones are great but you may need different blades for them. I couldn't use the feather ones I used with my EJ on it.

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slanted bars are a gimmick

I don't really care if I get good shaves because the head is just good or because it's slanted but I do get much better shaves with it than with my old EJ89 and that's all that matters for me.

I own a old Gillete I bought at flea market and a no-brand inherited from my great-granpa. Just cut my neck shaving, really love this shit, I gotta get some soap and brush though, any recomendations?

Omega boar (pura setola) line if you are really cheap, or any of the new synthetic knots (tuxedo plissoft).

Arko if you are cheap. Caties bubbles, Sitrling or Razorock if you prefer scent over performance. (note: soap scent doesn't linger after the shave)

mike's natural soaps are very good quality

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