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Me on the left


how much should it cost to get your hair twisted/interlockd?

I pay £30 ._. and it's shit and my barber said whoever does it for me is trash.

meanwhile a guy I know knows someone who did it for his relative for £5 and it looks 100000x better than mine.

Just twist your shit yourself senpai


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i can't, never works and idk how it just bounces back up.

im thinking of getting dreads like pic related
not sure how to start them tho my hairs too long to do sponge twists etc

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>Asian dreads

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i'll dump so inspo

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nevermind lol i have like none

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i wanna get my dreads to taeyangs length eventually and then grow it a tint longer to where I can tie it back neatly.

love his.

>tfw not black but ugly jew who grows jewfro
>get told that i should get that undercut style with super short sides and back but long curly on top
>only people i ever see with this kind of hair are black/minority teenagers

y-you too

It's a good cut. If you aren't wearing a suit everyday there's really no downside to getting a trendy haircut.

kinda fascinated with this guy's hair because we have similar texture and our hairlines are receding in the same way.

he must be doing something other than just conditioning and air drying though, right?

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>must be doing something other than just conditioning and air drying though, right?

He's using a hair sponge, with a bit of product or moisturizer.

Any pointers on getting hair like Will Smith's?
I like it mainly because it's got a simple overall look, but with a slick, clean finish to it.

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Mainly want to know what products or process he might use

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Pretty sure he uses a Duke kit and a wave cap.


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To clarify, I use duke kit as a catch all name. I'm sure you've heard the name S-Curl also. Regardless of what it's called, it's just a comb thru texturizer.

Where to cop this robe or coat or whatever?


anybody got the black discord link?


Daniel Andresen

Very Veeky Forums brand


don't lie to me

Black Hair and Fashion Discord: discord.gg/4w6maCS