College problems

I like jackets for two reasons.
>They are fashionable.
>You can vary them in multiple ways, especially material, allowing you to wear one even in the hottest summer.
>They have a lot of pockets on the in- and outside, so I can avoid stuffing my pants until they slide off.

My issue is, I'm a college student.
So not only am I not a billionaire (and cheap jackets are crap, sorry) but I don't wanna be that guy who dresses up while everyone else goes to class in pajamas.

So, what's the alternative to jackets that includes all of the pros I listed above?

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>two reasons
many reasons

Find a decent coat

you mean a blazer, not suit jacket? just get a very relaxed one, there's loads that look very casual.

trucker jacket. Denim is light enough for summer, but with a sweater can work in cool weather too. It looks plenty casual while also being stylish and has all the inside and outside pockets you'd need

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Nu-male tier

Nobody thinks like that outside of this website and a handful of others like it.

Some clothes, people will actually judge you for. If you wear a fedora, it'll look like shit and people will actually judge you for it. If you wear a trucker jacket, people's reactions to it will vary depending on the fit and what you wear it with, same as any other utterly commonplace garment. Because that's what trucker jackets are. Completely mainstream clothes that have been around for decades and will be around for decades more. They're not in style. They're not out of style. They're just clothes.

Get off this website, you're losing perspective.

>I like jackets for two reasons
>lists three

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>I like jackets for two reasons.
>Posts 3 reasons
>I'm a college student.

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A cardigan

no he's actually kinda right, denim jackets scream "trying to fashion"
yeah this post is a fucking mess OP

> I don't wanna be that guy who dresses up while everyone else goes to class in pajamas.
Why not?

harrington, field jacket

lol are you fucking retarded sportscoats, blazers and suit jackets get sold for next to nothing second hand. i have one from isaia, one from valentino, one from hebden cord and one that is some unknown brand. all top quality and in immaculate condition, none of them were over 100 bucks. ebay, grailed, craigs lists, facebook groups, depop, second hand shops etc are your friends.

This. You like it, you wear it.

Also yeah, alternative would be a cardigan, but the pockets are not functional.

This. Dress for yourself, not for the pajamafags. If you don't have the cajones to wear whatever you feel like, whenever you want to, don't force yourself for the sake of being "effay". You'll just give yourself anxiety. Take baby steps with less attention-grabbing pieces (whatever that may mean to you) and build your confidence first.

You want a blazer, user. Prolly an unstructured one for casual everyday use. Blue is classic, herringbone in grey or brown is totally collegiate, so is a harris or donegal tweed. The tweeds are more casual, in my opinion, for school wear. Go to shops, try stuff on, see what looks good on you and what's comfy.

I'm pretty sure I've had this exact conversation on here before, but ... no, he's not right. Maybe they're less common in America - I live in Asia (inb4 English teacher memes) and I can honestly say that like 25% of the people I see every fucking day are wearing denim jackets, with no exaggeration. That's people of both sexes from absolutely all walks of life. They are literally just normie clothes. (They wear them for the same reason as they were suggested to OP - it gets hot here, and they're wearable in the summer.)

I really fucking doubt wearing one in America would come across as super tryhard. Maybe they can look that way in model photos. But if I snapped a candid picture of one of the people wearing one on the train and posted a picture of a random 24-year-old student dozing on the way back from class, or a middle-aged accountant, or a tiny grandmother, you wouldn't look at them and think "wow, trying to fashion."

what shithole do you go to where the uni/college students wear fuggin jammies to school?
I go to a mid tier uni in the poorest province in Canada and I don't think I've seen one person in jammies the two semesters I've been here

some autist wore a suit to class everyday in my university
he got attention from some pretty cute girls but still looked like a weirdo
anyways do what your heart desires user

literally a light jacket with pockets? i

Just wear your normal jackets but if you don't want to be too formal, just pair them with some pajama pants to balance the outfit out.

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>Two reasons
>Lists 3
Why the fuck are these fucking things happening?

Somebody else knows about materials

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Try a jeans blazer

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Is that an actual thing?

Yeah, will cop one. blazers for men&sprefix=jeans blazer,aps,327&crid=1DMPEGMWPR4DT

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Maybe I’m just a faggot, but that looks fucking awful

>I like jackets for two reasons
>lists 3

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good taste op, this is one of my favorite styles

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This is not different enough to a normal denim jacket to suit any other purpose, and all it does is paint the lilly that is a normal denim jacket.


Corduroy blazers can be either formal or casual depending on the rest of your outfit. I've got a navy one that's pretty swell.

christ those sneakers are gross, at least get some half-decent shoes senpai