Anyone got Veeky Forums and /cgl/ pics?

Anyone got Veeky Forums and /cgl/ pics?

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the reality

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This is W H O L E S O M E post more desu~

tfw no /cgl/ gf

Veeky Forums isn't a manlet
>implying Veeky Forums gets laid ever.
>implying /cgl/ isn't a board of bored whores.


>>implying /cgl/ isn't a board of bored whores.
they are tbqhwyf i hate /cgl/

the real OTP is Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums because it's a board full of narcissists

my favorite

I liek em. Are there any more?

Yup. There is even a site dedicated to it.
Also why don't we collab with /cgl/ more often? I remember we did that one time...

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thank god for that

/cgl/ userbase consists of dumpy, pear shaped, acne ridden, polyester asos rag wearing, over bleached hair with manic panic buildup, suburban white girls who populate the lowest barrel rung of tinder

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I like the Veeky Forums character.
Nothing like anybody of Veeky Forums, but I like the character.

Veeky Forums-tan is based
he is one of, if not the best board tan

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thx bby

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is the potato supposed to be /mu/?

Ofc, that’s ITAOTS reference

i don't see a potato. do you mean the drum?

He's from a different time

My two most visited boards hell yeah dude

fuck me, i just noticed that
/mu/-tan definitely best board-tan (besides /d/-tan obviously)

I want to go back

>he is one of, if not the best board tan
let's not get ahead of ourselves

there's more crossover between Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums than people think

especially when a lot use fitness as an enhancement to their fashion and a lot of fitness fanatics come here because they want fashion that matches there new bodies

Me too.

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We have to let the past go.

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I like prissy bitchy /cgl/ way better than the cutesy one

/fit is incomparable with /fa. true fa people are rail thin, /fit will never learn

Cute thread

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I thought it was a Neutral Milk Hotel reference. Can a /mu/fag confirm?

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well yeah


why is there never a thread like this?

>tfw no /cgl/ gf
Just end me now

what is Veeky Forums-tan's haircut called?

just meme my shit up

it's just a hitler youth, everyone here had one in 2013

layered, fringey undercut

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>tfw when no /cgl/ or Veeky Forums gf
I'd even settle for an art hoe gf. I least I like the style.

Hoooolllyyy Fuuuuuck! I totally forgot about bald poster. That takes me back.

He was too good for us.

>Veeky Forums is trying to bring back kimonos
>/cgl/ just likes dressing up as a jedi

I miss the old Veeky Forums.
does anyone have that pic of a guy who had hair kinda like Veeky Forumstan? I remember another poster saying it was like light yagami's hair.
I remember the guy was looking sideways on a street during night time (i think he was wearing a white shirt and red tie too but i don't remember)

name 5 better tans
protip you fucking can't idiot

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post more Veeky Forums tan, he's so cute

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Is the Veeky Forums tan hairstyle still effay? Think I might get mine cut like that if it still is

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>Nothing like anybody of Veeky Forums
lmao this
It would be funny if someone were to actually update the character to what Veeky Forums is about these days cause what a fucking shisthow it would be but I'd wager people would get butthurt over it

it would be extremely painful

Alright alright alright

>ywn go back to the gothninja period

all you newfags missed out on the peak of internet fashion communities.

it's just a forward swept undercut

Don't mind, I wasn't on this site cuz I was actually living a life and involved in fashion. Sad thing is that I'm here now.

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Fuck, I miss Casemods.