Hi Veeky Forums. i want to buy a pair of 1461 smooth doc martens online...

hi Veeky Forums. i want to buy a pair of 1461 smooth doc martens online. the problem is i've never owned a pair of docs before so i don't know what the sizing is like. do you guys have any tips? for reference i typically wear a size 10 in vans

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same size than vans for me and also converse.

I went for a 9 Which is my vans size, theyre a cunt to break in but after a month or so they feel really good, get ready for people asking you what the special occasion is

true to size. if you fit a 10 in every other shoe, you'll fit a ten in docs.

it's the half sizes that fuck people up, since docs dont come in half sizes.

okay good to know. i guess i'll go for a ten in that case.
>get ready for people asking you what the special occasion is
shoot, one of my concerns was that they would look too formal. but i figure if i wear them with black skinnies and a t-shirt then they'll look ok

Those are for girls btw

>too formal
lmao. what kind of shithole do you live in?

i live in california. i meant too formal relative to what i typically wear

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I have the mono black version and I still don't think they look anywhere near formal with most outfits. With the yellow stitching you'll be fine. People might still comment about it, but people are dummies.

they're fucking with you. 11 in vans is a very close fit, like i have to wear them without socks. and i got 11 in docs and they're loose as hell

size down fella

>size down fella
shoot now idk who to believe. guess i'll do some more research

everyone in the world will tell you to size down except these trolls. consider the source bud.

size down

Why can't you just try them on in a shop?

i can but i'm lazy and the closest shop is pretty far from where i am

Horrible combinaison with the pants

Size down

Size down

I'm in an 11.5/11 in every other shoe I own. Got 11 Docs and they were too lose. Got 10 docs and the fit perfect

I'm like a 9.5/10 in most other shoes and I definitely needed a size 9 for my 1461s

right on, thanks. i just ordered a pair of size nines

I'm a size 9 in everything but i had to get a size 7 in docs. My advice would be to bite the bullet and just go try a pair on.

le combinasion

i wouldn't wear them with anything that skinny. but then again i wouldn't really wear anything that skinny to begin with

There was an awesome site that I once came across with a fucking super effay Docs of all sorts, too bad I can't fucking remember it now. Its based on uk or something

i am the one who told you that they size like vans and converse and it's true.
I size down on vans and converse as i wear a size 42 (europe) in those brand. I wear nike and adidas, asics in 43 and Dr martens in 42 (a 9 us i think). I wear a 41 in Timberland and Redwings. Trust me i have no interest in telling you stupid things about the size of your shoes as i don't even know you.

I'm a 9 in adidas and I have to size down one for the normal docs at least. Not sure if monos are smaller or not.

>get ready for people asking you what the special occasion is
You must live in Plebville. People wear them in casual fits all the time round here.

i'm a size 5 in vans and got size 5 1461s... they're loose and would shred the backs of my heels up until i got silicone heel inserts. you probably need to go a size down

>inb4 manlet, i'm a girl

They run a 0.5 size big

>it's a Veeky Forums discovers that boots and derbies have to be one size smaller than your sneakers episode

Just try them on in person, it will save you a lot of headache and potentially money


Anyone with rather wide feet have these? I'm more of a NB type of shoes guy because T H I C C C

it completely depends on the brand

about a half size too big on me.

im pretty much a 9 in every shoe brand and the 9s i got are a little big. i just wear bigger socks in them and I'm fine.

Can I wear this with a pair of Yohji high crop pants?

Did you go true to size?

Really happy with my docs, picked them up a warehouse and I don't know what model they are but I love them with jeans and a tshirt or button down. Mine fit true to size, but I've had some user end issues with tightening the laces too much and making the top of my foot hurt a bit. My advice would be to order to size, you can always return them for a larger size, right?

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>those xbow hueg soles

holy kek