you know the drill
post grailed listings or whatever

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/Ļ/ discounts available

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Willing to trade anything in the shop. I like WWII and milsurp in small sizes, as well as techwear and retrofuture / lunarcore shit.

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W2C a dominus frigidus?

Anyone know some good shops for vintage bootleg designer shirts ? Would prefer not gucci but gucci is fine too. Really keyin for a burberry spell out


very warm only wore once or twice

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Worn a few times, washed a few times.

A little baggy, closer to XL.


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your price is too high

>on hanger
>still asking ~$300
jesus christ you fags are delusional sometimes

There’s an offer option. Relax.

rest of my stuff
-posted some new stuff-
-rick shorts/new
-Mr Completely (stupid big doe 36)
-Gitman Bros Blazer New
-AMI shorts new

Yes but even 180 is far too much for that uggo shit, that’s his point.


Our Legacy

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Potential Buyer Here!

A friend introduced me to grailed and I just had a question as a Canadian.

All prices on the website are in USD with no tax right? Does that mean there will be no import fees if I’m buying something from the states and getting it shipped to Canada?

Also, link profiles with Y-3 or Palace gear, I’ll buy a lot if a see what I want

All prices are in USD yes. But you will have to pay import fees at the discretion of Canadian customs. I'm in Canada as well and I've made 74 purchases on Grailed and have paid duties maybe two or three times. It is dependent on the value of what you purchase more than anything I believe. You're probably better off looking at r/streetwear though my man, with those brands

That guy couldn't handle the banter at all, deleted the listing hahaha

Are you willing to sell the Yohji's for 170$ including shipping to Europe?

>That guy couldn't handle the banter at all, deleted the listing
hahahahahhahahaha holy fucking shit dude

you know you can just send him a message on grailed, right?
it's much more likely he'll respond that way


Nothing special, discounts for Veeky Forumsggots

chill my man, you made it too obvious that you’re butthurt

Kek what a bitch

Shut up you fucking faggot

kys faggot don't you ever reply to me again

>t. listing-deleter

What now big fella???


Lot of drama here
I like it. I like it a lot.

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Yeah good stuff.

The only real loser is the one who deleted his ad after being chirped.

>the only real loser is the one who deleted his ad after being chirped
>not the community of people who think wearing graphic tees and wool trousers makes you a visionary in the fashion community
>not the community of people who circlejerk to people who spend $5000 to cosplay as an anime character for one photo and then change
>not the community of people who have a daily collection of photos of homeless people
>not the community of people who have a daily thread on why being a holocaust victim is the only way to live
>not the community of people who are so concerned about what others think of them that they come to a board hoping to be showered with support when it comes to the decisions they're too scared to make themselves

hi everyone, Veeky Forums-related-psychic here

actually isn't the deleter-user. it's one of those MAGA teens from /tv/. please do not hold deleter-user accountable for that post, he's already embarrassed

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Nevermind, found the second loser

Holy shit what a faggot

imagine being this much of a loser

hello, deleter-kun
nice dubs

>rest of my stuff
>-posted some new stuff-
>-rick shorts/new
>-Mr Completely (stupid big doe 36)
>-Gitman Bros Blazer New
>-AMI shorts new
and bump

Louis Vuitton Belt



New stuff, shoot offers if you care.


>thom browne
>jil sander