Daily reminder that asians can pull of anything

Daily reminder that asians can pull of anything.

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w2c shoes on the left

Daily reminder I still can't figure out where to buy jackets like this.

w2c mask in the middle?

Some user found the jacket last time that pic was posted.
I believe it's a Yohji Yamamoto two button jacket but I don't know the exact model.

I remember the thread a while ago and I'm not sure that I like that specific type of jacket. I don't really want anything in silk.
I'm wondering where I can find other jackets in a similar style.
>pic related

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That's because Asians are basically women and women can pull off anything.

Hey that was me!
Took me like 4 months to find and i found it after buying something else. Otherwise i woulda copped
I just open grailed every day and look at the new Yhoji listings beacuse none of his stuff has actual names except for the iconic ones

>ywn be a low T Asian twink that is more beautiful than 99% of women

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hes not very good looking, just has a ton of pampering. if you got rid of all that he would look like an average asian

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Implying Jimin isnt an angel

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Im not sure exactly, but you can find similar facemasks by just searching kpop facemask

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my gf "stans" jimin. it's cool tho

Whats so hard to pull off about this fit?

kpop fans are all mentally disabled , sadly

Asians can indeed pull of anything.
That is true if you're good looking in gerenal tho.

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Those fucking DSLs.

Hey you, shut the fuck up

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Effaytee is not effay.

Friendly reminder this is what v looks like without makeup

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>t. internment camp prisoner
dont hate the player hate the game

Holy fuck look at those thighs.

Yes. He's actually physically fit and not an emaciated skeleton.

jungkook has the best thighs in bts desu

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woah, so this is the power of make-up...!

kill yourself

A whitey wearing this would look like an edgy virgin. We literally can't wear all-dark colours.

Thighs are nice but that butt is average

You're autistic my man. Do you think Asians look at other asians and that "haha we can pull of anything guys." No. It's your autistic weeb brain pedestalizing chinks because they seem exotic to you and deep down you hate yourself. It's just as bad as the asians who wish they were white. It's fucking pitiful dude. Back yourself a little bit.

It goes all ways. I've heard loads of Asians say 'only foreigners can pull off that style'. The trick is to wear whatever the fuck you want and not be a little bitch.

I second the dude calling you autistic. Fucking tons of dudes wear all-dark colors. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn't, depends on the person and the fit just like with every style. It's frankly not that remarkable a choice.

most asians are fuck ugly and short dont be deluded by this

that's because of the low testosterone

they are like feminine 12 years olds

>denim Cardigan

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stupid army fags..

id on her jacket?

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try searching next time srracing.com/2015-kevin-harvick-budweiser-mens-black-twill-nascar-jacket-by-jh-design.html


I’m asian

Yes it is extremely difficult to pull off the most ordinary basic clothes in dark colours if you are not asian. You're a retard.

Pretty much with many kpop idols

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where do i get a long jacket like this?

except speedos lol

This. In Japan people would say this all time, Asians being shorter limbed think theres a lot of stuff they cant wear...

ummm..... sorry sweetie

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Yeah, but at least I'm not Asian

that's what it said on the website I pulled the picture from you nigger.

Pretty sure the jacket in that pic is yyph, but it would be an older season, that pic is from several years ago.

Engineered Garments makes a really nice mid-length lightweight coat like that for Spring/Summer most seasons. You can find them on Grailed frequently. Look for EG Tropical Wool Shop Coat. The wool is so lightweight it's like you're not wearing a coat at all.

Also SK Manor Hill makes a fantastic lightweight "lab coat" with similar proportions, and CdG has put out some stuff like that as well.

Daiso. They usually have a selection of white and black ones, but they do the same thing.

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I mean, yeah they do seem to be able to pull a lot of things off, but this pic isn't exactly hard for anyone to pull off. It's a great outfit but it's low-key

I literally saw an IRL streamer in Japan have this said to him by 4 cuties recently. Can't find the VOD though.

only good asian on Veeky Forums

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this person does not have sex

and the only one

well yeah hes asian..

its just weebs and asian fetishists making these threads anyways

wow thanks! i think there are other better posters though
yeah im in training to be a wizard


they mastered the art of aesthetics

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