Face / hair rate

Face / hair rate

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get rid of the septum piercing/10

Nah girls like it too much

Am a girl, think its degenerate and look like shit

But honestly my opinion is worth nothing so you do your thing pal

Chin is small, foreheads large, neck is pretty thin, baby face and your hairs badly messy, though you could probably style it.

You aren't bad though. I'd give you a 7-8, given you get a good shorter hairstyle e.g. a side-part or type of fringe. I would favour a fringe, as it hides the forehead. I wouldn't worry, mines a similar size.

If you can grow a proper beard too, you're in the 7-8/10 range no doubts.

To add, get rid of that piercing. You're not a bull.

get a haircut you hippy

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The type of girls that like it are typically degenerate tbf

Appreciate the feedback user

Was thinking about cutting it but i just dont know what style

what do?

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thinking about getting a haircut

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Are u Hispanic or asian ?


Thanks for the opportunity Op.

Already lost the spanish goatee.

Not poo in loo, I'm latin.

Open to suggestions, just not to long hair.

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Then you run the risk of being stereo typed if you buzz so im out advice

your head is too round, grow out your hair homie

>what do?
Hit the gym baby

What haircut number is this? thinking about getting this cut once summer hits

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Looks like 2

d u c k y

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How do I get this kind of haircut?

from r9k with love

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i have a notably asymmetrical face. please advise
i also say lose the piercing but also if you dont want to dont
buzz it. i like your jacket
bulk up and do literally anything with your hair
gro it

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that glorious jawline gone to waste.


how are you a robot? you're adorable

fuck ive been found out

T-t-Thanks you too

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Why would you want degenerate girls user?

Let it rip

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Grow out hair

You just look like a generic British lad. Nothing bad, but not standing out at all

i fucking hate women they have such shit taste in everything no sense of aesthetics fucking whores, i have had dozen of em trying to force me to get a piercing, but i won't, i won't desecrate my pure face with ugly

cute & good hair

kill fashion

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>inb4 nice frown fgt
I get it ok just ignore it and rate

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a girl using the word "degenerate"

new to the board any tips?

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Nigger xD


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you look gay in a good way.

How do you make your hair look like that

You remind me of the black guy in Fargo.

i need some tips, bois... Why am i still a virgin at 20?

I can take your virginity

ok, im down, wya?

You look dope but the bowl haircut is too soyish for you. Get a more masculine one.

You've got a pencil neck, you could improve your looks alot by training it


How you doin Logan Paul

I love it. you look like a typical fashionable asian


Bring your own lube, I'll pay for an Airbnb, no homo. Drop me an email.

weak gay uncool

Ight, G. I'll hit your emails in a bit x
appreciate the feedback, my self esteem has just dropped 5 points.

attention seeking faggot. why do you have no taste in aesthetics, if you want to be cute just do it tastefully and stop being such a raging fucking fag about everything good god.


Op here, hit up mah line bruh

Appreciate your opinion!! How would you recommend me being tastefully cute?

Nice fro.

Sleep a lot combined with minimal shampoo/conditioner

You got a lot of options with black hair, but that fro looks ok atm

what do i do with my hair

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Man gotta nut

i like your face and coloring. ur cute

I think you should stick to a more formal style unless you want to look like youre from the woods. People will think less homeless and more experienced boss man

8-9/10 you got the raw aesthetics baby

Small hands/10

what would a formal style entail? i know the hair is a big one but i dont know what to do with my hair

Androgyny is pretty fa

just dont dye your hair silly colours and stop painting your nails

you seem nice im sorry for shitposting you

I tried having my hair go to one side instead of having most of it go to the back of my head (like a standard slicked back undercut), but I think the way it looks in pic related is way too feminine, which is something I don't want. I'm a 100% st8 guy btw

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You do your thing but I'd advise getting rid of your acne. Also no filter if you want to be rated, rn we can't see shit

Nice afro

I'd go for a 7.5

8 nice

I'd change the haircut, not a fan of parting like this


Really nice hair mate

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>I'm a 100% st8 guy btw
we'll see about that...

what hair products do you use friend

fucking hell youre attractive

it's totally fine, i appreciate the tough love. Thanks again for the constructive criticism. :)

is it Veeky Forums?

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Take the trap pill!

take a nap

clean your skin, get better lighting and remove septum ring (read: they're played out)

step 1 choose a gender
step 2 succ dicc x 24/7 365
oh yea.. 6.5/10...

first photo i've taken of myself in months. realizing it makes my nose look bigger than it is

i don't really like guys but you look like one of the type i do like sometimes. cute hair.
not a fan of the hair but your face is pretty amazing
something else with the hair, i don't know what though
shave, fix your brows, and get a haircut
you look like you fuck models. hair is great. your brows are kind of wack but that's an easy fix.
not a fan of the haircut. your face is a-okay though, different haircut would suit you better.
good face but i hate that haircut on guys with curly hair.
i feel like you have some many options you could do with your hair. looks fine how it is but you have untapped hair potential
d a t e m e q t
you look so fucking gay my man and that's coming from a tranny
you also fuck models. whew....
do not like the hair

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thank u for calling me a qt ^_^ - seriously you're not as ugly as you think, your brows are fucking fire. Hair looks healthy, and your facial structure is fine. email me [email protected] i would for real date u too qt

>seriously you're not as ugly as you think

didn't say i was ugly but okay lmao

>and that's coming from a tranny
I had no idea and i kinda think you're lying since you look so naturally feminine.
Youre attractive id say around a 7 but simply put not much stands out about you. I think you would lend yourself very well to a natsoc look, it's bold and intimidating while still being a grounded look.

>first photo i've taken of myself in months. realizing it makes my nose look bigger than it is

i just kinda assumed, plus it's a common theme that people are pretty self loathing on these boards.

but more power too u if you're confident xoxo

You actually look like a girl, I feel like you are lying about the tranny part.

Get some bed rest and a hot meal

i love posting here vs /lgbt/ because people actually think im a girl for some reason lmao
yeah i feel like that look would work on me, i dress pretty intimidating and conservative already.
oh i fucking hate myself, i just know i'm not ugly.
bless your soul. i have a big ol dick so yeah i am a tranny unfortunately. thanks tho

>and that's coming from a tranny

>tfw trannies are way more fucking beautiful than you when you're a born female
end me now senpai

You can always improve your appearance desu

how 2 fix brows
hanz de fucko memesand
ive been thinking about taking the neckpill, ill consider it

how did I do

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not if you got an ugly face :^)

i'm "one of the lucky ones" as far as trannies go but i don't pass as a cis female in real life almost ever. like i got called a tranny last night at a 7/11 at 3am by a group of dudes and i looked better then than i do in that photo.
even if i might be better looking than you, just be happy for the fact that (pressumably) people actually want you around other than to just say they fucked a tranny.
they get bigger as they go to your temple, that ain't great. idk man just look up some pictures. get them threaded (like just some basic shaping and clean up) from a reputable place

the fuck is all over your body

i want to fuck your boipussy so fucking much

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How can improve myself?
i don't think i'm ugly, but jesus christ I can't deal with my virgin look face.
What do you recommend?
Maybe i should use contact lenses? shave or change hairstyle?

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how am i

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