Scene thread

scene thread

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nigger why

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wait for 3-5 years and then make this thread again

wait one year at most*

man I miss these fags

that's just visual key at this point

lol, I forgot that emo's called themselves scenekids. Good times

is this a good bodytype?

"good" as in "clothes hang well from it," sure
It'd be way better with a bigger upper body

Yes chicks dig it (mostly fat ones)

it will attract art hoes if you have this body type and wear all black, but chad will likely bully you

wrong, if what you were saying was true, then we would already have a market, saturated with anime t-shirts collaborations.
The y2k trend has just started, given emo/scene subculteres were popular from let's say 2006 to 2009, you still have a few years for the trend to start snowballing.

>emo & scene

nigger 2006-2009 was already full swing indie and hipsters. emo and scene were 2001-2004/2005

i love how people on this board one-up each other by pretending trends happened earlier than they actually did

Were you dropped on your head? Do you have hydrocephalus? Is your IQ

I miss my emo hair so bad... Slowly getting it back keep fucking it up cutting it

how the hell you even get it like in the OP pic?

Uh, no. You're 100% wrong. Don't try to talk about things that you clearly know nothing about.

t. someone who has this body type and is chubbybait

Are there any good scene inspo?
Surely a style can’t be 100% pure shit. At least someone had to look non cringey


Lol. In finland scenekids were called "fruittari" or literally fruitarian, tho it was the later colourful style

Ay fellas, thou surely not bethink the authentic 'scenekids' from 1883..

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Just suck chads dick