Slim denim jackets

I want to buy a denim jacket for an alternative to hoodies when it's cold, but not big jacket cold.
Thing is I'm thin and tall, I'm 6'2" (190cm), so most things are either long enough but too baggy, or slim enough but too short.
Where can I cop a slim denim jacket for tall people?

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Maybe try Asos?

blk dnm

budget: levi's, gap
mid: apc, ami has a nice one
high: slp, who knows

yes i know there are others too, this is starting point

a tailor

I think 190 cm is technically 6ft3 user, so there's some good news either way.

>Rogue Territory
>Levis Made & Crafted

Slim denim jackets look fuckin awful

Levi's isn't for tall people. I'm 180 and size L is already quite short on me.

Japanese raw denim brands make nice slim cuts.

nigga just get a levis, why overthink it.

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Gosling's in Drive was perfectly tailored for him. If you want something off the shelf that fits very slim you're better off shopping around.

Gosling's is an LVC type III, and judging from the arms, it does look like it was taken in, but the body of that jacket is pretty fitted to begin with.

With my body it's slim or bust. I drown in my clothes otherwise

slim denim jackets are trash and shouldn't exist

ever heard of a tailor?


copped this brand new 130 shipped off grailed

howd i do

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>pre washed

Raw or nothing. Why do people actually buy anything else?

you raw denim types are mentally ill

no1 wants to soak their clothes in piss/vinegar/acid for 90 hours and wash them 5 times before you can put them on

back to plebbit

>t. soyboy

Literally no one does that

You can just wash them like you would any other jeans you know.
I buy raws because the material and construction is great, and because I like watching the fades form as I use them, not because I want to wear jeans for three years without washing them.

I've got a denim m65 style jacket, my question is is it alright to wear it with darkish jeans or am I comitting a fasion faux pas?

If the jacket is lighter than the jeans, it should be fine.

>le raw denim boogeyman
kek, they're just like any other jeans

As long as they're different shades it's fine.
Otherwise you'll look like you're wearing a Canadian tuxedo