Ctrl+f no Uniqlo thread

You can look great without wearing brands.

>You can buy great clothes in UNIQLO. If I were a young person, that’s where I’d shop. But labels are very much about buying into a poetic vision and being part of something.

-Rick Owens

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What is the best uniqlo basic crewneck? Also how are the T-shirts that are made of sweatshirt material?

Rate my most recent order.

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I just find everything fucking boring, I’ve never seen an item and thought “wow, I have to buy that”. Also I don’t like ordering from places I can’t try things on for sizing.

I really like their pullover hoodies

jus copped qlomaire shirt and wool like ankle pants

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your uniqlo dont have fitting room?

there's very few Uniqlo stores.

>"You can look great without wearing brands"
>Proceeds to shill his favourite brand
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I suppose they're fine for basics?

Does anyone know what their jeans are like?

haha my nigga i dress like this too ;)

Very cute, I want to cop some trousers like this.

mcdonalds employee/10

Redpill me on Uniqlo. What's so special about it?

Why are you doing the top button of an open collar shirt, does it look bad with the open collar? What size is this and what is your chest size and height user?


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oh also idk chest size but im 6'1 135 and got a small shirt

It's like your basic department store clothes, but design and quality are better. Much better than H&M, GAP etc for basics.

Unfortunately as they've expanded across America, the quality has significantly declined.

The collaboration lines like Uniqlo U still tend to have old Uniqlo like quality. Some pretty cool stuff, like the shirt in the OP.

>Does anyone know what their jeans are like?
Really good, best you'll find for the price.

How are Uniqlo’s chinos? Should I get slim or skinny?

Neat, I order a size small in black. We are roughly the same weight and height so I'm pleased. Looks good user.

Uhh it’s 2018 and if you’re still wearing slim/skinny then uh muhmuhmuhmuh you’re a idiort baka baka! Straight fit is in, cabron!!! I’m the wiz and nobody beats me cool chilly greens

which pants are these?

should I cop?

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just went my first time yesterday, it's the only one in BC i think. got a pair of black and a pair of pink ankle length pants, they fit me super well. and a kinda teal/mint flowy blous, i need more colour in my closet.

i could have bought a lot more if i actually had money. i have wanted to got to Uniqlo so badly and it honestly didn't disappoint. no sweaters or turtlenecks which bummed me out because i wanted to grab some. lots of stuff that was very boring. the basics and base layer stuff seemed nice.

i love those pants.

>basic oxford shirts are always out of stock

one of the best collabs, what can we expect next from Uniqlo collabs

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Personally I would stay away from their stuff with logos

You should tattoo your face

hows this size compared to ur tts

well thats tough bc depending on the brand i wear anything from small to large but this is definitely an oversized shirt

Top tier jeans desu. Fit really well and durable. Best jeans on the market for the price, and they do a damn fine job hemming. Cannot recommend highly enough for daily wear.

Same goes for their hoodies too desu. Best bang for your buck.

Cop? It's only $10 but the text is kinda silly.

I wish I weren't a retard

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I can't find these pants on the site, I don't think they sell them in Australia.

Looks fine imo

I doubt anyones going to be looking closely enough to be able to read the text

Do I reply?

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willing to bet its this one


I'm pretty sure its this pair, I suppose you could get either the ones you posted or the 'Kando' pants hemmed a bit higher.

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Because they are good.

“Uniqlo is modest and arrogant at the same time. Uniqlo is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all Uniqlo says this: "I don’t bother you - don’t bother me".”

― Yohji Yamamoto

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this sells out almost instantly in my country, dunno why but it made me want to cop em

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reply retard

I can see the point but I'd say Uniqlo is mostly just for basics, like tshirts and trousers. Stuff that doesn't need to be flashy or expensive. At least that's what I use them for.

I literally wore that exact same shirt and pants a few days ago. Why wear the collar like that though?


you look like a hoe

Bought a pair of their selvedge denim since they were on sale for 40. Since they were busy i have to get them later today, all hemmed up. I'm excited.

Why does Veeky Forums shit on everyone and call everything trash and pleb but then slob Uniqlos knob round clock. Shit is embarrassing.

>But labels are very much about buying into a poetic vision and being part of something.
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this pic makes me want stans

Acne, Hanes, Uniqlo are the only brands you need in your closet.

Why the fuck is this shit so hyped. i refuse to believe shit that is this cheap is better quality than HM or Asos.

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Every item I bought from Uniqlo entered a dilapidated state after 5 wash cycles. In my opinion it is on the same tier as fast fashion like the Gap. Uniqlo 8 years ago had higher quality clothing but in recent years I find their quality to be lacking. Their entire catalogue is visibly generic. None of their items stand out and if you dress totally from Uniqlo your outfits will lack flare & style. You will look boring. I have not been totally satisfied with any of the items I bought from Uniqlo aside from 2 graphic T-shirts that accidentally had a good cut.

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does uniqlo have good jeans?

what's your measurements then cutie

I'm hoping something big and good. JW Anderson was weak. Didnt even have Dick keychains.

Then they did this boring ass resort wear shit with Tomas Maier.

U has been the only good thing after the Lemaire collaboration.

anyone see or buy those new ramen shirts?
usually really dislike uniqlos graphics, but copped this one

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how do you buy uniqlo if you're canadian?

Anyone have any experience with their Blocktech Parka's? I need a cheap waterproof/resistant jacket for these stupid spring showers

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Their t shirts don't shrink after one wash, so it's better quality than H&M

Really good jeans, quality and comfort and styling are good but they dont last that long in my experience. Maybe 2 years or 3 years at the most and they fade before that. However i'm lazy as shit and just run them through the washer and dryer so take that into account

Hello yes I would like a big Mac with a Diet Coke

its alright for the price, no inner pocket and not breathable

haha trolled!

between F21, H&M, and Uniqlo, I'd have to say Uniqlo is the definite winner. Best quality, best styles, albeit at a higher price than the previous two.