Milspo/Milsurp/Camo/Telnyashkabro thread

Talk about camo, post cool images of military dudes and bitch about Telnyashkabro's fits.

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I don;t want to be THE face, just A face.

Like it or not, you're the most profilic surp poster on Veeky Forums.

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Who wore it better?

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so the wandervögel were homosexuel?

I fucking hate theguy on the right. Such a cringy soyboy milsurp wearing faggot.

What is rong wit his mug?
Dang what a fuggo

Many of them were, yes

the hair on the right pisses me off, he doesnt pull it off

Turned out really well didn;t it? Next time, don;t use me in the OP image.

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That telnyashkabro guy needs to cut his hair and stop smiling and just standing there for pics, it makes it look forced imo

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you look like such a fag

What the heck is this thread? Why would anyone insult Telny?
Fuckin Veeky Forums kiddies

Because he's a tranny and a fucking fag

At least do me a service and stop bumping this fucking travesty.

I don;t care about the insults, you should know by now it's nothing to me. What I do care about is not being seen as the milspo thread. Think about it, you've never seen me start a single one of these threads. Yes I post prolifically in them, but I am not the be all and end all of it. Just a part. Definitely not some poster-child or judging authority or anything like that, god the idea makes me cringe my guts out.
Make a milspo thread properly that people can come to fairly and have part of it be for them. Some people do not like me and never will, well let them ignore me and post among themselves. Some people want advice or the identity of a piece, then let me post and be useful. But all in the same thread.

I'm not even against a Terrorwave merger, even though I don't really understand what they're going for as far as a look.

I've seen your fucking ass cheeks on internet

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>This is the face of one greasy cringelord manchild that single handedly ruined milspo threads..

I'm disappointed and shocked at this board.

Don't bully Telny. Xe's actually pretty chill.

I find something about this absurdly aesthetic

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Do mods see your posts on other boards?

ASAT is my favorite camouflage pattern.

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should we really try to save this thread?
there's already a new one