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For some reason, I need these translucent grey sunglasses with gradient lenses Tiege Henley was wearing in one of his videos.

*disregard his old leathery face.

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thats alpha m. hes a youtuber

you're welcome

ha ha good one, i was talking about the sunglasses l.o.l.

yes, alpha M retard

your brain is no good

you can buy those sunglasses literally anywhere

tiege hanley core

Glasses are ugly like him

Like where?

Translucent smoke + gradient lenses is hard to find

im loogking for these glasses from netflix "marseille", if anyone can id..
goldish frame with blue tint

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How do I steal this look?

that's so nice. saved for inspo. also, bump


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yell at a camera all day with your veins sticking out your neck

i think its nike

Ugly gas station glasses
Just go to RayBan website and a custom one.

rub some tiege hanley on your cock every morning

not a bad idea

stole this from a waywt thread

user if you're lurking I want your jacket pls id

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ID on the sunglasses?

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was thrifted for 5$
spanish local brand Old Taylor

you can tint any glasses blue

Isn't this imp like 5'4 or something lol

He jokes about it in every other video.

So joke on you cause he accepted his smallness.

black ,red and white nikes
you're welcome

ID this glass, please.
i live in Portugal where i can find it

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I can't stand that guy. I can tell he's been a bitch through his life, as most guys claiming online to be "alpha" usually are, but theres something about this guy that's particularly not very manly to me. He sounds, looks and thinks like I'd expect a post-op female to male tranny would.

>He jokes about it every other video

He's obviously not over it. We all know self-deprecating humor is the defense mechanism of insecure people, not alpha males.