How do I into spy kids core?

how do I into spy kids core?

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how do I achieve this?

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Fuck that homie, mind-controlled core is where it's at

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Where to cop sunglasses??

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is this the peak of spy kids fashion?

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w2c his coat here?
best photo i could find of it

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r8 these facial aesthetics

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When is the aesthetic of Spy Kids making a comeback? Should be in less than 5 years, right?

Great thread OP

That sweater is fresh

No way, it can't come back, this was the time in the early 2,000s where the design philosophy for CD players was shiny silver and see through plastics, society can't ever house this conditions again

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thank you too

You mean crash and burn core?

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Is uh, is that the same girl?

>same girl

You're close, but not quite correct...

holy shit these movies are so godawful looking back

the early oughts were some crazy shit

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theres no way thats the lil ginger boy

I thought this movie was the coolest shit ever

Greatest fit of Hollywood

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>ywn again sit in the backseat of the car at night struggling to see your GBA screen
kids have it lucky these days with their fancy backlit screens

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Succubus on the right

that was some BS man I just wanted to play toy story 2 and had to use the light from the road lamps

he's lying
the ginger boy was spotted recently wearing toe shoes and walking out of a sex store

>he didn't have one of these
poorfags pls

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>not open it and install an afterburner kit by yourself
i bet you played pokemon with that

>i bet you played pokemon with that
What else was I supposed to play?

can someone make an edit where it says soy boy instead of bad boy

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kino early 2000s ugly baggy horrible matching core

still better then 2010s

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So this is what gay Chads in hollywood wear?


pretty sure those are britcucks


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Haha pyrocynical haha

Isn’t that the girl that ginger boy had a crush on in the 3rd one

That aesthetic is kino though.

Sometimes it really do be like that