Fuck reddit I swear to god. Is Veeky Forums really the only community where there is no circle jerking...

Fuck reddit I swear to god. Is Veeky Forums really the only community where there is no circle jerking. I got down to negative upvotes just for saying something was cringeworthy. It takes 60 days to be able to post in /r/supremeclothing and fucking 30 upvotes

Fuck Reddit

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We all know that feel

I feel like people circle jerk in reddit just to get upvotes.

>Veeky Forums the only community where there is no circle jerking
lmao have you been in the waywt threads? it's the same people giving themselves compliments every day and telling anyone new their fits suck. if anything Veeky Forums circlejerks way harder than r/mfa

I don't know which poison I would rather choose, between circlejerking on reddit and clueless blind criticism on Veeky Forums desu

But at least there are good fits on reddit tho

>Veeky Forums
>no circle jerking
greetings newfriend! :-)

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I would rather go with Veeky Forums than deal with Reddit stupid toxicity at-least here being anonymous and the fact that there is no voting system make us honest a bit mean but honest attempting to post a unpopular opinion there and you would be drained with down-vote without anyone even trying to engage in a constructive argument with you.

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I’ve been on here since 2014... I just haven’t been that active

nah in /fa waywt if its some cancer massposter who calls you gay or faggot then your fit is probably fine, but if a lot of people tell you your fit is bad then you have room for improvement. What would someone have to gain by lying to you on fa of all places

post yfw Veeky Forums's WAYWT is now legitimately better than r/malefashion

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>implying that's not new
Come back when youve spent the entire adult portion of your 31 year old life on this website

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yeah always the same boring boots and cropped/cuffed pants circle jerking

I would love to say that this is true
but 99% of fits on the Veeky Forums waywt are absolute fucking garbage

yeah and 99.9% of the fits on r/malefashion are just as bad. needs some moderators to send all the r/streetwear babbys back to where they came from and get the sub back to its roots.

I hate reddit. I have many reasons. The main reason is that everyone there pretends that they are all good friends. The top comments are all corny jokes or puns. Insulting someone is a big no-no. This is all in pursuit of the upvote. Fucking faggots make me sick. I like it here.

Oh. Almost forgot; there are circlejerks here too but it is not that big a deal. One of them is the lunarcore threads. Nobody is going to actually dress like this in public. It's kind of silly too.

>no circle jerking
You're in for a surprise pal.

The good thing is that there are no upvote/downvote faggotry.

streetwears update changed a lot. Veeky Forums has way less fits and content at this point. I'm tired of seeing how do i dress like a nazi or a meme every day

Yes. Many of them are trash. But there's at least some variation. On mfa, they admit to all dressing like pic related. Also the obsession they have with jean cuffing with boots is very annoying.

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speak for urself faggot not all of us feel the need to post on reddit nor a subreddit for supreme rags

this is an imageboard for fashion not highschool outfits

I would fully agree with you if people on Veeky Forums had the slightest idea what they're talking about. But they don't, which means that their criticism is almost never relevant. At least, when you get criticism on reddit (and it happens), it is usually good advice. Well unless you are browsing r/femalefashionadvice of course, if you go there you're pretty much done.

Also I am too lazy to develop my whole thoughts on the matter all over again, but I really want to stress the benefits of the upvote/downvote system. Ok, it ends up in circlejerking and in controversial posts to be obliterated even when they are relevant. But on the other hand, it really promotes quality posting. So when you go to r/malefashion's front page, you see countless inspiring fits. This is stimulating and it makes people strive to progress. When you browse Veeky Forums's waywts, you are overwhelmed by mediocrity, which drags everyone down. Ironically enough, a majority of the few consistently good posters of Veeky Forums are reddit fags who also happen spread their pics here, and I really do not believe that this is a coincidence.

And last but not least, you guys must not forget that Veeky Forums has only one fashion community whereas reddit have several. mfa and ffa are garbage and those are the subreddits that give them a bad name here. But ma for instance is already a HUGE step above Veeky Forums, and it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a few other subreddits with more mature and experienced posters, and I can assure you that those communities do not even try to compete in the same league as Veeky Forums. Like, really, they are at a whole other level.

So yeah, even though I can understand your opinion I will stick with mine : reddit >>>>> Veeky Forums for fashion.

>What would someone have to gain by lying to you on fa of all places
Nothing, and indeed most people are brutally honest here. The problem is that they know horseshit about fashion, so their honest opinion is as relevant as r/femalefashionadvise's circlejerking. That is the greatest issue of Veeky Forums.

Nobody gives a fuck. Coming here to cry like a little bitch, kill yourself you babyfaced little shit.

This board worships tripfags dude

>this is an imageboard for fashion not highschool outfits
This. Most people here should just migrate to reddit, so this board might become good one day. At this point fa is just clothes board imo

>le plebbit is well thought out and has intellectual discussions

kill yourself, reddit fag

>soyboy essentials

judging by u're /pol/posting u probably are wearing a kekistan graphic tee rn

the shoes on the left and the middle objectively need to be switched

I really discovered reddit maybe 3 monthes ago and have been on Veeky Forums for longer than you, filthy pleb

daily reminder of who you're taking advice from on /waywt/

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Users who would even consider showing up to a meetup are not an accurate random sample of Veeky Forums's population

>Australian posters
Honestly not surprised

I browsed /r/streetwear once. I told some retard that his $300+ shitty graphic hoodie had a typo on it, and he had a temper tantrum and downvoted every response of mine. He called me poor and took the time to look at my post history from other subs to make fun of me. It was really pathetic.

to be quite honest this is not average redditor but hypebeast behaviour. I've seen countless of those faggots pathetically breaking down at the slightest sign of criticism on many other social media.

God those people are so irritating.

>I told some retard that his $300+ shitty graphic hoodie had a typo on it, and he had a temper tantrum and downvoted every response of mine.
Oh god please link this

The biggest difference between reddit and fa fits are the time spent on photo quality and effort (lighting, fidelity, thoughtfully picking out a fit for upvotes vs. impromptu mirror selfie).

I've actually never posted on reddit though. The format of the site is unbearable. I've been here long enough to see enough of their fits posted/threads linked to get the idea.

True, but at least those comments don't get hidden by an upvote system

>strive to progress
Thing with reddit is that they never stray from the mindhive set within a specific community, so their criticism is only ever specialized for a certain type of fit, which is fine if that's what you're going for, but waltzes into the circlejerking nature of the entire website. It never develops into anything new.

Shit, meant to reply to

Um is that Dylan roof

females giving fashion tips are literally just some "fashion aware" women telling guys to dress up the mainstream way

I would rather ask a male who's personality is like mine fashion tips than ask any "fashion expert" on the internet or those at stores because people whom I share interests with understand me and what I like while those will just tell me to get either spiked hipster hair or a buzz haircut and dress up with hip hop clothing like 90% of guys nowadays

I kek'd way too hard once I noticed Dylan

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i feel the same way. there are actually some good areas on it for niche history things i'm interested in but if you post on reddit you're a huge retard fag.

>not newfag

I'm not trying to defend MFA or anything but I feel like they can't really be compared really. Yeah they're both fashion boards but mfa doesn't claim to be anything more than a place to get started with fashion while fa is more for discussion and whatnot

people on MFA definitely dress worse on average but that's just because they're all new

r/malefashion is fucking shit in current year. it was good back when there was barely 1-2 submissions per day and all the posters wore high fashion and put in tons of effort. these days theres only

censorship online, only thing you can say online is fuck donald trumpo hurrr or ban all the guns

otherwise you're "banned:

Veeky Forums is the same way

liberal nonsense

Ease it, granddad. Nobody is taking your gun away

it's canadian soyboys that actually go to dinner with tinder girls as if they were dating that post on reddit

>tfw been here since I was 9

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How is that any relevant to what I said

Also wtf are you doing on a fashion board then

In this thread-
all the reasons I don't do reddit

No we don't faggot

There actually is some decent fashion knowledge here. There's just so much teenage entry level bullshit that it doesn't often get a chance to shine. Regardless, Reddit takes itself too seriously and doesn't make me laugh, so fa is home.

> people don't give attention on leddit
>let me make a. Shit ass thread on fa
Stop being a attention whore

Except everyone circlejerks around reddit being shit.
Around jews ruining the world.
Around SJWs ruining video games.
Been here since 2007 and never did post or browse reddit, but I can guarantee this place circlejerks as much as anywhere else except the circlejerks are contrarian.

On the far right? Thought the exact thing

Are you completely ignorant? You see diverse opinions here, but yeah people tend toward the truth because there is no fear of backlash. I'm not saying everyone is right, but most are honest, or at least honestly joking. You won't find folks complimenting ugly people here for instance, and for the most part (trump changed this), most people mock Jewish theatrics.

Anywho, Reddit is fucking downs syndrome. The userbase is all circumcised and their interests are all garbage. You can find some slivers of intelligence there, but half of them get banned since Reddit is run by the CIA and most of the posters are in Elgin Air Force Base.

But they'll call a 7/10 shrek just because it's edgy. Try other boards, it's horrible.

I hate that too, that overly polite, affected way that makes them sound like cartoon characters. I hate the standard Veeky Forums meme babble too but what they do on reddit is way worse.

Some people live in more beautiful areas than you do. I maybe once a month see somebody on this board who is better looking than average. Even 6s get fawned over here.

Yeah, he was there. Chilling, eh?

Veeky Forums is one big contrarian circlejerk

>I maybe once a month see somebody on this board who is better looking than average.
I'm just going to point this sentence out to you and wait until you understand why

>Around SJWs ruining video games.
>implying they're not

We should start a trend on Veeky Forums where we sneak in Dylan Roof into random pictures/ memes and spread them online on subreddits etc.

I agree, fuck reddit. They are ruining the internet with that upboat feature which is just censorship of the masses, thus creating those circlejerks.

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Seriously fuck anyone who links more than two posts in their reply. I am not a hateful man, but those people in particular deserve a gas chamber

link it lol, i wanna see

We still rate by e peen not how many Diggs or upvotes you get