Buzz pill

is it a meme?

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When i shave my head i get mistaken for being Russian by random Russians on the street. Like to a ridiculous degree they all think im russian, one guy even tried to convince me i had russian ancestry lmao


if he got his ears pinned and fixed his posture he would look good

Stop wearing tracksuits then, Oleg.

If you’re attractive it’ll look great just because most people look worse with buzz cuts, same goes for long hair.
Just try it and if you don’t like it; it will grow back anyway

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a ты тoчнo нe из cибиpи?

Your pic is a meme. True buzz pill is the same length all around. No more than #3 and the shorter, the better.

protip: anyone who looks good with a buzzcut would look just as good or better with actual hair

buzzcuts are shit tier unless you are already handsome to begin with

Depends entirely what you mean by "better", This is a pure reddit ideology for people who browse mfa and are only interested in fashion because they have no idea how to dress themselves and want to look presentable. As opposed to looking interesting. Yeah most people will look more normal with a common haircut, But they won't look interesting.

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>implying that pic related would look better with longer hair

Nah, dude, go wear your undercut, hitler youth cut elsewhere...

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Probably because of your potato mug

pretty much.

even being true, buzzcut has many other benefits
>you can do it yourself
>low to no cost with products
>"hair" will always look good no matter what
>comfortable as fuck
people who never had a buzzcut will never know how good it is to feel the wind in your scalp

He does tho

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Objectively fucking wrong

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nigga looks like tom hardy. his eyes and ears i guess

that fuckin jawline omg


Of course it's a meme.
Doesn't mean it's bad advice though.

What's wrong with the hitlerian youth? You a kike or something?

when will fa learn this ffs, it depends on your personal style/frame/facial structure.
just like how few guys can truly pull off long hair, buzz cuts you need to have the right face for it. although more guys can pull off buzzs than long hair ime

Is a buzzcut suitable for someone with a big forehead?

not a big forehead per se but my hairline has gone down a few millimeters. got a buzz cut and it looked weird af for a month until i got to at least 1/2 inch in length

unironically have the same happen to me
I'm from fucking milan

its not 2012 anymore u fuckin subhuman.

Hair is shiny, pretty to look at, and feels nice. I dunno why you'd choose to look like a prisoner, but I guess I just have better taste than you morons.

If you're someone who would look good with a buzz, you'd look good with any haircut. That's the catch 22 of the buzz cut.

the time i buzz my hair i look like pic related

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behold the most Veeky Forums hair buzzing scene of all-time.

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what number is this?

Love this film
Where are you from?

take the buzz pill

i got a buzz. i would rec as long as you have a good head shape. i’ve seen a lot of people look like complete trash with a buzz because their bone structure doesn’t compliment it.

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My forehead is too tall for it sadly

Nah man buzzcut fits him better

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works only if you are handsome in general

Wouldn't go that far, you need a fit body for buzzcut, your cheekbones must be prominent.

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