Guess what Veeky Forums

Guess what Veeky Forums

You can't buy the following:

- confidence
- NT behaviour
- bone structure
- height
- dick size

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*blocks your path*

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Deep down though the girl doesn't like you for you, she just wants a piece of the pie.

Using money to get women is about as fun as using cheats in a game to get to the end

>bone structure
>dick size


btw behavior is the ultimate cheat so OP is even more wrong

uh i have all of these in the +, and still wear four figure all black garments

whats ur point?

Guess what, you can't buy fa either

>tfw you can really easily buy happiness so who gives a shit because you're not a poorfag

Suck my dick, OP. I'll throw you a 20 if you do a good job

>"Deep down"
Brainlet, let me tell you something, underneath it all there's nothing, it's all a delusion you have, nothing is physically there, all we've DONE is what we are.
>This is why people who don't have money can't settle the issue. They'll always be salty, forever.
>There is nothing attractive in not doing anything.

The real world needs money like humans need blood so please stop your complaining and MAKE SOME MONEY


>NT behaviour
>bone structure
6ft im alright
>dick size
7.5" im alright

whats your excuse, faggot?

lmao how poor are you?

If you have all of that shit and you dress well you'll be awesome, if you don't have it then dressing well is even more necessary so you don't come across as a complete tool. Dumbest thread I've seen on here in ages.

Is Jeremy Meeks actually good looking?

He has the facial aesthetics that most people find attractive
but contrary to incels not eevryone likes the
>convicted felon with tattoos

the fuck is nt behaviour?

>NT behavior....
Aaaand you've lost me.

Also confidence is really vague, you could be confident in bird watching but girls would never find that attractive.

i cant buy anything im poor

Bird watching is fun though

save up and buy a really good pair of jeans and a really nice button up shirt and belt and start there.

I was trying to use that as an example of a place where confidence in a past time is almost negligible because of the "sensuality" of said past-time

I know I was being facetious

dont really have one my life just kinda blows

no jokes pucket this is serious jizz

I love using cheats in games tho

>plastic surgery
>limb lengthening
>there's definitely a procedure by now

The hell is NT behavior? Sounds autistic.

I'd rather just be a felon with tattoos desu.

>NT behaviour


>quality facial aesthetics
>normal weight
>7 inch shmeat
>care about appearance
>buy designer
fuck this, I would be chad if my assburgers weren't so intense and I didn't need to take 5 shots of vodka to go near a potential future gf

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Neurotypical behaviour. And yes, that term was literally created by the autistic community.

I dont need to buy it because i have it ;^)

>- NT behaviour
Nice try behaviour?

Your ability to earn money is as much a part of you as the shit you mentioned in OP. Unless you won the lottery.