Summer inspo thread

Nothing in catalogue, lets go

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nice caveman scribbles : -)


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Call me by your name is the ultimate summer outfit inspo

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super sick

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this outfit is still hot to wear in the summer

looks great user, w2c shirt and trousers?

/retirementcore/ will be big in summer 2018

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Depends where you live. Here summer is about a week where it's 18-25 degrees celsius

w2c shirt pls

this dude really needs to learn how to properly draw a head

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nice, w2c pants or something similar?

ID on shoes please

They're gats

fuck i hate living in a tropical country. summer here is 34 fucking degrees. and we never hit those 18 temp

Where can I buy these? Sorry, I'm clueless. I'm new to this.

A bunch of brands make them. Originally they were German Army Training Shoes (hence Gats). You can find originals by searching for "bundeswehr sportschuhe" or "bundeswehr hallenschuhe" on

What kind of pant is this?

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what socks and shoes would work with this?

Sandals if you can pull them off, otherwise any low-rise white sneaker with invisible socks (think gats, plimsoles, CPs etc). Espadrilles if you're going to the beach/somewhere tropical. The outfit is very understated so you want some shoes to match, nothing flashy

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nice, thanks, could af1s work or are they too chunky?
i'm in the market for some shoes like cp's but don't have the money for them and the ones i can afford have lots of branding that i'm not a fan of.

Too big for my taste. Doesn't have to be flashy, any white sneaker will do and is an essential part of your wardrobe since you can dress them up or down infinitely.

Lacoste makes some nice ones with minimal branding, even cheap stuff like Dunlop Volleys will look good

Where did you get this image?

ur mom's house

any white sneakers for wide feet?

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thanks for the recommendations, i'll check them out

all the pieces are nice but it doesn't feel coherent

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