Europoor here

Europoor here
Visiting downtown LA for a week in a few days, any places i have to check out except the typical thrift stores? (Thrifting in eu is complete trash)

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>thrifting in eu is complete trash

Where are you from? Because it sure isn't where I'm from or where I live now.

You can only find nice stuff in hipster second hand shops, which are pretty expensive
everything else in almost certain complete trash or way above the actual value

Check out St.vincent de paul. It's just a quick uber North of downtown. Really big. Usually find good stuff there.

h lorenzo is pretty cool
also the rick owens store

where are you from/living? Every thrift shop I've been to (germany) had either only trash or was extremely expensive because of the rich hipstershits

go to wasteland on melrose
also hit up goodwills

Wasteland isn't cheap, but it's usually mid to high end tier clothes. Good suggestion.

Obviously there are a lot of major fashion houses with stores in LA you could check out.

The St. Vincent store mentioned is also pretty good and fucking huge. It closes early though so keep that in mind.

I would recommend just strolling down the strips that have lots of boutiques. (Melrose, Robertson, Fairfax, Vermont in Los Feliz, etc.) I also really like the Goodwill in Los Feliz Good luck, op.

Oh there's also another really good goodwill at like Vine and Fountain.

Everything is overpriced in LA, go to San Diego.

holy shit an actually helpful and constructive thread on Veeky Forums? damn guys, that actually really makes me happy.

If youre looking for a mall the glendale galleria has just about everything but it's in glendale which is a ways from downtown


literally ass trying to buy shit out here. You go to maybe like 3 goodwills in one day you might come out like a full outfit or alot of buyers remorse.

I went to this place in hollywood and they had decent stuff but they overpriced the shit out of everything it didn't really feel like a good place to thrift like everyone was just nitpicked and prices raised to what should be 10-15 dollars a piece goes to 30-40 dollars for a used up ass ugly basketball jersey

>the day Veeky Forums was actually helpful

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Thrifting in Europe is dogshit because every 4th European is a student who's into electronic music festivals, travelling and thrifting.
I mean there's shops in my city that buy shitty clothes, label them as 'vintage' and then resell them at store prices.

I live in Paris and I manage to find some really good stuff every now and then. Here we have fashion consignment shops (expensive), those marked up vintage "thrift shops" (terribly overpriced) and the og ones (where you can get lucky).

The german ones are usually overpriced...but you know - do you have any fashion lol? Like for example in Antwerpen it's easy to find things. Sorry...

Rick Owens' store.

You are describing western europe here

Thrifting in central or eastern europe sucks too because people are wearing the cheapest clothes available, which never have any thrift value.

US offers the best thrift experience

US - best thrifting experience
West Europe - Everything good gets snatched up in seconds
Rest of europe - nothing but trash

>can go anywhere in the US
>Chooses downtown LA
user, why?

I live in Southern Germany. Been to loads of thriftshops, basically visit every single one I come across, and I've never bought even a single piece in any of them.
They are all mainly just filled with relatively cheap brands and old military shit. If you aren't into Bundeswehr apparel there's really nothing worth picking up in any of them, you can buy the generic fast fashion stuff like s.Oliver and Jack&Jones for almost the same price new that you can find it second hand in thriftshops.

thrift stores are trash in LA's literally junk that people go on ebay to search what the highest priced item is and slap a sticker on it saying they wont go any lower because that's what "ebay sells it for"

honestly best bet in amrica is online shopping, yoox, grailed etc