Who owns these? Are they meme boots? Do they fit true to size? Should I buy a pair?

Who owns these? Are they meme boots? Do they fit true to size? Should I buy a pair?

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pretty close, would size up if you want to use boot socks for winter
yes, of course

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I had them
They are not a meme outside of /k/ and Veeky Forums
Bought from eBay
Would go for 1 size down
Buy them If you want second hand sturdy boots
Watch out for eBay auctions, they tend to sell 2 versions of boots, make your research and decide which one you want to get
Pic related is second version, big as fuck (29,5 cm feet here)

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1 size down if you want to wear them without thick socks, tts if you're going to wear them with thick socks

yup yup

They're practical and look pretty good with some black jeans or cargo pants. I'm not an autist so I just wear meme boots on shitty weather days. You should buy a pair if you don't have any good boots

Are all of them used? Can't I find them new somewhere? Who supplies the Austrian army? The thought of some other guy's footsweat in my boots triggers my autism.

These are probably not army issue, but should be proper quality.
If you want to go full autism, search for "Steinkogler" (one of the actual army manufacturers).

Would these be good for hiking?

I'd take actual hiking boots over these any day

Those are the winterized version if I remember right.

i went down .5 and theyre gret. just get new insoles
i wore em hiking once, and they're alright, but if its serious hiking then i'd suggest getting actual hiking boots

I own the pair with the ripple sole. I've only used them a handful of items, but would definitely recommend them. Also, size down a whole size.

I copped them in the same size as my trainers which is 13US. Pic related is how they came.

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I stripped the old polish, repolished with Saphir, and added thicker foam insoles. They fit spot on with medium and heavy weight wool socks now.

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I own these.
1. You should replace the fucking sole immediately after you get the shoe and clean it out with warm soapy water, then dry it with a rag.
2. It is quite waterproof and snug. The heel and sole are quite thick but no thicker than you would expect from a combat boot. You might have to get used to altering you gait because of the reduced amount of clearance.
3. They are meme boots but they are reliable, sturdy, fashionable, and impossible to beat on a price basis.
4. Cop a pair. You won't regret it.

You should be aware that the toe is more curved than pointed. Remember that this is an actual army boot, not some thinspo faggot boot. Got the real authentic milspo vibe.

link to cop?

Go crazy

Idek about the other guys but I put a set of dr scholls in them and i have no problem hiking 15 miles at a time, I love them

Reply to >13234920 was unintentional, i’m phoneposting

shit i might cop. been looking for good quality milsurp black boots for a while. Have had my tan US boots since 2011 and they are beat the hell.

Was this from kommandostore?

Not him, but mine are. fantastic service, I wasnt satisfied with the first pair I recieved they resent me a fresh pair in great condition

are you seriously asking if army boots are good for hiking? lmao at your life, quit your basement

>replace the sole immediately
Everybody says that. Do I take them to a cobbler? Do I ask for something specific in terms of the new sole?

I own a pair, I didn't like them, they were too big. I thought they would be slimmer just by looking at the pictures.

I assume they mean the leather insole, because if you buy used they will likely come with a thin, beat to shit leather insole. Put in something more to your fancy, like cushioning if you like.
On that note, I think I fucked up. I need to wear orthopedic insoles because of foot problems now and I can't put in cushioning + the orthos because it's way too tight at the toe. If I put only cushions my foot problems persist and if I put in only the orthos I basically feel the tarmac in my knees with every step. Not sure what to do

Dang son what size are these? Look way longer than mine

He said US13 in the first post, so huge as fuck

lol whoops, yeah mine are 43/US9

People itt seem to be saying to go for 1 size smaller than you'd usually have. Is this in comparison to shoes like chucks / some running shoes or to other combat boots?
I currently have eu size 45 combat boots and fairly wide feet. These boots don't look all that wide, so I'm afraid that if I go for a size smaller pair than what my current boots are they might not fit so well. Any help?

w2c that ships to UK?

Also would they fit fine/look not too clownish on big feet? (US 14)

militaryops from UK on eBay

you will need to wear them with wider pants

jesus you guys aren't self-reliant, are you

I messaged them beforehand, I need somewhere more reliable. They claimed they couldn't show me how it looks before sending it to me, can't trust that after hearing how people got the wrong boots SEVERAL times over the past 3 years or so.

good place to get these from for less than $100 in Australia???

it's probably in comparison to their true size. sizing down at least .5 on boots is pretty safe in like every situation


unpadded version is padded winterized version is are from militaryops

Man, if only they came in other sizes

Why would you use expensive sapphire product which is for luxury shoes on the tough and rough leather of army boots?

Because I have it for my other shoes.

Take them to a priest

what are these and where can i buy them wtf

I'll reconsider it then m8

where to buy slightly cheap military/combat boots, place that ships to canada?