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Terrorwave has been successfully neutralised, discuss military surplus here.

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Any general guidelines on how to wear smelly old military kit without looking like a complete freak?

Be tall, thin, and pretty. People will think “avant garde” instead of “sweaty autist”

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Looks like AIDS

It's not just looks though. Knoch pulls it off because of his demeanor. He's not just some kid that goes online and picks a style based on whats cool right now

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go away mentally ill homeless person

he's handsome and creative but some of his fits are just ridiculous

Doesn't seem to be a problem

That this has to be stated explicitly says something awful about this place

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>1950s GST uniform

I hope he doesn't get it dirty. Early East German stuff is way too rare and valuable to casually wear around town.

He's got enough to keep it in rotation I think

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Sheeiiiyyyt, no wonder they're so hard to get. This NiBBa bought all of 'em.

fuck u why did u buy so many haha share some of them

Be all all cool and mysterious and a little gay about it.

Just wear downsized field jacket as a casual jacket over your other, normal clothes. You'll be fine.


>Terrorwave has been successfully neutralised
what did he mean by this?

*counter terrorists win*

Can anybody recommend me some good /k/ approved cargo pants that arent baggy as shit?

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What the fuck is that thing?


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Death in June.

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>discuss military surplus
Thread needs less actual surplus that none except supreme autists (and a certain poster of repute in these threads) wear, and more military-inspired stuff.

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fuck off dipshit faggot


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fucking horrendous.

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It's a german ww2 tank uniform whats your beef

Too bad the other thread is a complete abortion.

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Whatcha hauling?

the image is well done, composure is good. I personally don't find the aesthetic of that style appealing, although i can respect it. fucking ayy man i'm doing it for the bants

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The shopping. Too slippery for the cargo bikes.

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stones probably

w2c jacket

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It;s one of those reversible winter parkas.

Probably original knowing him though.

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lol no, military inspired stuff has no place itt
perhaps stuff that is actually worn by military although not official issue

Ah it's a bit nebulous. Where do reproductions fall for example? Straight up high street stuff can fuck off though.

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this idea I find interest in. would be interesting to find examples of non issued gear being worn in the field.

does this remind anyone else of an alpenflage jacket

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how do i wear a pakol

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I'm not 100% sure. Western guys (including myself) seem to buy them properly fitted to you know, keep your head and ears warm. I've noticed that around here and in pictures of tribal guys they wear them really small perched on top of the head, which is why they always look better.

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Looks more like a Harrington jacket crossed with one of those generic "survival vests" sold by every hunting goods store ever.

nah i'm certain it's an issued piece. dyed and tagged

Can some milspo fag ID that helmet?

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Probably WWII usa but I haven't seen that chain before

Igor taking his neck pill. The helmet looks Soviet bloc.

Airforce I mean

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Has anyone gotten their waxis yet? When the FUCK are they coming out?

The kommandostore boots? You gotta be a bit patient with Ivan.

its a Wtaps modular jacket

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Who is this guy and why am I seeing him all over reddit recently?

Oh god what's happening now?

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Do tell, share thread

5.11 stryke

>tfw the flecktarn parka looks ridiculously huge on me
What the hell do I do with it?

Get taller

That's not an option. I guess I'll use it for hiking.

Put darts in it to slim it out OR crop it.

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That pains me, but I'm impressed.

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Do you have a guide?

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This would be exactly what i'm looking for atm

This post is what seperates the men from the boys.


you are sub 25

Swing and a miss.

that's even worse

Alright so does anyone still make legit green and black jungle boots?
Like the real deal with anti spike shims and direct-molded soles?

w2c the shirt in navy blue?

I don;t think it;s possible, they're British wool shirts from the 50's.

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Is it you?
How did you achieve your status?

thats actually one of your best looks to date

It's always been me. Achieve what status?

That's because it is B o r i n g with a capital B. Also that wool T0shirt itches something fierce, and that's from someone who likes wool.

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Actually, it's because it is clean, has a clean palette and silhouette and most importantly everything fits. Also it's brit gear no? Stay there, don't mix and match.

The shirt is Royal Navy, the shoes are Volkspolizei.

Oh it's so insipid though. It's like the fashion equivalent of one of those damn minimal rooms with featureless walls and a low, light-coloured wood table in the middle. Patterning, unusualness, gaudiness... Give me ornamentation or give me death.

I remember you from pictures in thread about effects of mewing

>Stay there, don't mix and match
Where do you think we are?

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Then perish.

Exactly. Which is why knoch looks best still because he goes for a full uniform look with the same kind or at least the same general era of pieces.

is there a good site to buy milsurp in europe? i really need boots but combat boots on amazon don't look like they could last long

What the fuck is mewing?

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No, sadly there are none in Europe.

Military surplus stores buy the equipment at extremely low prices in bulk. They are not the military itself. You're largely paying the store owners for distributing the clothing to private individuals who don't need 2000 shitty ass pants.

cats do mew mew

Just go on Varusteleka.

I thought that was meow.

I thought it was woof desu

it's fake bro science where you do muscle exercises in your jaw muscles to fake bone structure which is entirely genetic

Pffff, what? They're better off sticking to growing a beard to hide a weak chin. I heard grinding your teeth could cause something like that, but this jawline is 100% genetic. Spot the brothers.

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mmm that is nice

>those boots

jesus christ this is vile

I'm pretty sure they will think "airsoft larper"