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What image is to terrorwave what pic related is to sleazecore?

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shit man. Was looking at some patches in the same site as the shorts, found some decent ones. Really liked this russian one, and now that I read french foreign legion, I remembered going through some.
>russion on top
>bottom, fairly sure they are both from the FFL, not 100% though

Don't know if you are , but anyways, I agree about that shorts looking better, but that one I posted is just SO cheap and also got the /milspo/ factor. As my country's economy is on the shitter right now, converting currency, that shorts would cost mere ~7.00 U$. These patches in pic, around 2 bucks each

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What kind of a car runs on MILK? Hippies have gone too far, baka

It's skim

Terrorwave Backpacks?
is that even a thing? if not just post nice casual backpacks

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Twave rooms?

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lacking cigarette boxes, weapons and tools

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personal favorite

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This, or the basic "terrorwave interests me starter pack"

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Anyone have links to the style of black jackets special law enforcement or, spec ops use during night time operations?

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Just coped this at Goodwill for $6

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Silver or plastic casio?
Which one is more twave?

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definitely the black one, f91w. More tactical and reliable (the strap, no chance of breaking, its maleable, etc), cheaper and of course more classic, both as a 'regular' watch as a T watch

not to mention black one fits the twave outfit much better.
>track pants/track jacket + silver watch
seems a bit weird
I have both and though I am using the silver now, I wear the black much more often

fucking kek

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>They guy with football scarf over face, in the Hevleys
What's that style called? Please post ones like the guy in the pic.

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Actual cringe

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actual ruins your cluster B disorder delusions of only leftists being cool autistic revolutionary edgies so you poopie post because it made you upset even though the whole thread is cringe.

Esp the IRA. They couldnt dress for shit

I know the IRA got their guns either from Gaddfi or smuggled from the U.S. But what about their uniforms etc.?

jansport is a great twave pack

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even more cringe than the original post

the og

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I'm more upset by tryhards wearing gasmask with no filters attached than any number of edgelords in skeleton masks or chetrolls.

posting mine as well

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i agree. its not twave at all

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gun is tryharding but nice fit

How does my Fit look

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