Recent Cops Thread

Post recent cops and rate others

Also F1 is Veeky Forums as fuck

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Here's the back btw

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you bought a mestizo-negroid? how much?

got this for a dollar at goodwill

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did i fuck up?

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hope youre under 18, that shit is mad edgy


pretty good!

love it

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i like being edgy though

Fucking Hot

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No. You payed 180 right?

Badass, just copped this Pirelli jacket for $3

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picked up some new polo since i finally hit sub 180lbs for the first time in my adult life

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you can really tell that Adidas own reebok, looks good anyway

Proud of you man, about the weight, the hat, drop it.

waiting for the package ;__;

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yeah i got a haircut yesterday its just cold as fuck where i am. 95% of the time i have no hat. Thanks man!

where can i find edgy shit like this lol

Other thread seemed dead. I'll post these in here too.

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Levi skateboard collection mechanic jacket. It's really nice. The jacket is well made, fits nice. copper colored zipper, it has this weird ribbed velvet collar but i can look past that. On the back it says LSC in large font but it's not too bad. I'm digging it so far for 33 dollars.

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is that how much they cost in the us?

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Looks like mine

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fuggggggg, nice, liking the yohji pour homme cop.

You used FromJapan?

Fuck bro, looks dope

picked this up at H&M today

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Ordered a pair of both of these as a birthday present for myself

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Vapormax University red

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My boi, I got the triple white University red !

How are the Pharrell nmds? I'm so curious what they feel like on feet? Are they true to size? Great cops /fag

Great shoes IMO.

some basic stuffs

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Sorta kinda I guess

Looks like uniform
Fake? Nice anyway
You definitely not overpayed
This colorway for blacks, i hope you
Chink stuff
Dope, want it
To lazy to covert prices, looks ok
Not even >UU

Fuck me i love dc so much, but dont want to look like a kid or skater guy from 00s. What do?

dope af


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can pick up the package tomorrow

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quarter zips look good on nobody

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reckon Ill be wearing it full zipped (or almost full if its too tight)
I think the accent the zipper provides lends itself well to the piece as a whole

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woops meant for


THis is good i like ellesse

now that kappa and ellesse have been ruined i prefer diadora, hummel, umbro and lotto

Id on left jacket ?


it's hot as fuck here.

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i do good Veeky Forums?

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wtf how short are your arms?

why do the sleeves look so short

i dont know, but Im fine with risking $15 on it

i guess thats intentional so it looks like you always have your sleeves partially pulled back

it's for manlets to make them feel lanky

im not that guy, but did you have a bad day user?

were always here for u if u ever need someone to talk to

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You must be a very nice person to be around

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Under no circumstances should anybody over 14 ever wear a zipup hoodie


Yeah I stick to FromJapan for those services

Second pair of acne aces I bought, like the fit and have been finding them at reasonable prices on ebay

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Just copped these.

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Got them $20 off and I like how they look.

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source on right jacket


how's it? thought of coping for spring


Lemaire convertible collar bowling shirt

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CdG homme plus wool herringbone trousers

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Patrik Ervell backpack with braided horse hair straps

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Visvim kiefer mayan white canvas hi tops

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Really nice, fits a little big though so size down

Ann D scamosciato black hi tops

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Just came in today

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My first piece from them.
Still haven't decided if I like the brand or not.

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Love these

cool nurse shoes senpai

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