Are fat injections Veeky Forums?

Are fat injections Veeky Forums?

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is that tripskank?

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>Dr. Martin Jugenburg


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>what are squats

squats won't make your ass bubbly
it's just shape it and increase those big ass side dimples

squats will only accentuate picrel

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The before looks close to the "ideal" female ass

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My gf got a perky ass from riding her bike a lot. Would recommend.

She sits on my face and makes me lick her asshole it's nice

I would let that little paki hump my face tbqh

that's what they are

Who drew this? Patty McFlaherty?

I like how she's completely naked except for the high heels.

With help from her husband Séamus and her 16 kids.

tripsk has always had a nice ass

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very nice ass, if hanging low on stubby legs

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wanna know if she humps that bed post

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I doubt her crotch is high enough, she is very short.

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she sounds like a keeper

>23 replies
>11 posters

Why is an Indian teenager spamming her semi-decent ass and nips in here?

How to achieve hank hill ass?

wide hips and muscular butt


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only if necessary

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No. Go to Veeky Forums if you want ass; simply injecting fat will make it look unproportional at best.

Haha, white women. Basically men with tits.

To be fair quite a few women who get BBLs are slim muscular gym girls and want asses like Kim kardashian or Iggy azalea after realising that squats don't really cut it

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any excuse to not put in the work

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very if done right

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how can someone so rich fuck this up so much? I'm also betting they paid extra to keep the surgeon silent. Why not just go to some fucking asian country where they turn little boys into hourglass figures?


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fixed that for you, fruitcake

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What's funny about that?

fuck off with that no shoulder bullshit

hourglass > alle

left looks better, but i'm gay tho

I want to cum inside.

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Yes. Any plastic surgery is good, as long as the results are good.