I would like to live my life like a 1980’s- themed cyberpunk dystopia. How should I dress to achieve this?

Thank you!

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Hello my friend :D

Here are some suggestions I have for you!

Please let me know what you think :)

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That movie takes place in 2019

Hi yes, this is not quite what I want, please look at this and see what I mean?

Thank you!

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I see, I see :D

How is this?!? :p

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Move to a skyscraper apartment in Hong Kong, buy suspersport bike, leave only at night.

Yes OK! The "qt" in pig tail especially is my favorite :p

You are good friend! But do you have more?

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That's more mid-80s to early 90s

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Here is for the more 1980s vibe

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All memeing aside, these are great and the decay/grunge is on point, but I'm also interested in the neon-drenched futuristic world portrayed in films like blade runner and games like hotline miami - leather jackets and pants, converse, tight jeans.

What am I missing

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he said 1980’s- themed cyberpunk dystopia not rick owens mall goth

whatever you do just don't go over the top, subtlety is key.

Yes definitely. But do you have any suggestions on where to look?

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I'm with you OP, I wanna achieve this style too. I'm trying to blend elements from terrorwave, lunar/marscore, possibly techwear. Throwing in denim is probably a good way to differentiate from those styles.
Hopefully one day we'll gather enough inspo to start a general and make this into a core.

You're good OP, you already live in a cyberpunk dystopia.

Neon or fiber optics.

I'm old enough to remember the 80s. The actual 80s was ugly as fuck and stupid outside of these edgy carpenter/cyberpunk/horror films that synthwave people crib from. They have the right idea.

Here's Sigourney Weaver eating a hot dog in Los Angeles circa 1981

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Alright, inspo time. Let's start with the obvious hotline miami.

Light-washed fitted denim, cuffed
White hi-tops (converse ok, but so is somethin with more padding)
Leather/baseball jacket over plain t-shirt

But then to make it more cyber, you could also try
Black double rider/moto, slim
Black leather pants. slim
Black leather boots, combat and/or doc martens (or something more motorcycle focused maybe)
Stupid anime hair

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>I would like to live my life like a 1980’s- themed cyberpunk dystopia.
Shoot up a facebook or google datacenter please.


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Not related to the post but I want the "it's purple and light blue and night and also in a city, that's so cyberpunk" crowd to go away. Go listen to some synthwave and fuck off.

full rick

Well that’s kind of the point. So if you don’t like it why bother posting?

I saw a video clip from the early 90s that lasts like 6 minutes about a mecha pilot / hacker that infiltrates into a corporation. Looked really cyberpunk. Was posted on this board a few days back. Can somebody give me sauce again?

wear y-3

Perfect! What else?

Do you want to be made fun of by everyone you know? Jesus, y'all motherfuckers must have been bullied in school.

s-shut up

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reddit thread

rope necklace


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