Tattoo inspo?

Tattoo inspo?

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I want to get a tattoo to cover my scars on my side and im 16
know how I can get a tattoo without my parents knowing?

fuck off underaged faggot

Find a friend who does them. I've got a few, but then again I'm an adult and do degenerate things with a degenerate crowd.

damn this is a sick tattoo, mustve costed a lot

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wait 2 years

I like this but it's clearly going to look like shit in a few years.

idk man I think I'll wait
not sure when u get a tattoo in a early age that shit stretches and looks wierd

The scars are from domestic abuse and I'm going to Europe in a few days so I thought this could be my chance because it just gives me bad memories

this will look so bad in a year damn.
it might be hard to get a tattoo without your parents knowing. If the scars aren't from them it honestly might be best to tell them, hopefully they could help you, that sucks mane. I gotta get some to cover up scars from tryna soduko soon myself, probably gonna be awkward at the tattoo parlour but oh well.

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please don't tell me your going to get these to cover up your scar??

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nah these are all just tattoo inspo I have saved on my instagram. I already have one nearly full sleeve and another on my other bicep/one on my shin.

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Tattoos arent Veeky Forums

tattoos are degenerate and contributing to the collapse of the west

if u think it's bad in america look at what's trendy in Europe

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How to make this look good as a tattoo?
"forever seeking
forever prepared
forever unready"

It's script, what do you want from us? I can go through Word and give you a few fonts if you'd like. I need to get off this site, it seems like you people are out every day just to prove who can be the most worthless.

Tattoos do sometimes look good, they just have to have a deep meaning and be made properly

Any Mexican inspo that doesn't involve cholo shit or the basic aztec shit?


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>im 16

tattoos have been a thing since forever you fucking faggot
>collapse of the west
good, what do you think got us here in the first place

The fact that something has been practiced for a long time has no bearing on the thing's ethicomoral quality.

Yes sure tattoos make people do bad things or whatever, now fuck off, we don't care what kind of bullshit you believe

>collapse of the west

okay buddy back to the jordan peterson subreddit for you

True. I did really bad things and I don't even have a tattoo.

Pro life pro gun pro god ANTI TATTOO!!!

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i agree but you say you cut your hair every second day, doesn't that count as body mutilation. i know you've answered this before but i need a quick rundown

These are awful.

>Martin Luther tattoo
Shit taste in heretics, senpai

My cat isn't gonna live much longer and I'm thinking about a tattoo to commemorate him. Any ideas? Would be my first one