How do I achieve this aesthetic as a white girl?

How do I achieve this aesthetic as a white girl?

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Have you ever considered being attractive?

gosha only looks good on people with slavic facial features

I want to stick my face right in that sweaty cooch after she's done running

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bonds trackies, nikes, addidas originals top

slav here

Isn't that chick white?
me too, as well as her ass

she looks like she gives good footjobs

56% white

You can't, back to your redneck farm.

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isn't she from Eastern Europe?

what are you on lmao

read the file name

dhgate com/product/gosha-rubchinskiy-european-and-american-street/381783389.html
either you're a crazed mutt that can't tell if someone is of european appearance or just playing dumb

wear hype brands and show your titties off

she wouldn't stand out at all in many European countries. Keep in mind, stormfags accept even the swarthiest of Italians and Spaniards as white

Toronto, Canada. She's half French and half Chinese.

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now I can definitely tell she's not fully white. not that I really thought she was in the first place, but I thought it was plausible

Do any white girls wear Air Jordans?


/pol/tards btfo

take good care of your hair (but don't over-style it), read resident advisor, be thin, wear red eyeshadow to parties. dress a little slutty to parties so people know you're hot

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That's the designer

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you don't cracker sloot

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Buy adidas tracksuit?


It's already a white girl aesthetic

His tits are almost the same size


adrianne ho



love this ho's fits tbqh

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she fasted for 3 days after all them carbs

She probably just took the picture and didn't actually eat anything.

thats not even good.
those leggings look awful.

>t. fat roastie



>Keep in mind, stormfags accept even the swarthiest of Italians and Spaniards as white
Because they are white...

>white people don't have dark eyes
Nice meme.

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>pointed out eyes
>assumes eye colour like that is the feature of her eyes that stand out

her eyes are slanted you dumbfuck brainlet jfc.

shes clearly not white or 100% white from a glance

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I honestly thought the cuffs of those sweatpants were actually a part of her socks.

wear black face

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Have you ever heard of the Soumi?

this would look better on a white girl though...

she probably ate the whole thing and continued on with her life

You don't, lmao. Enjoy looking like Iggy 2.0

Not really, sorry most of you would look like wiggers if you tried this lewk

That's barely even urban. Look at how people dress in the wood, wigger tier would be a white person copying that.

What race of grills has the best fashion sense? I feel like all 4 of the main races have good and bad things going for them collectively

I love the way non-ghetto Latinas dress

Orc girls definitely

they are not white but asian u dumbfuck

>using RA for anything except finding events
true waste

>hurrdurr white hurr not white
fucking retards i swear

maybe in your mutt land fucking Amerimutt

Idiot. Soumi are native to Finland.
Fuck off kike.


Does this look white to you?

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She already was

Latinas are qt as fuck.


barely but yes

Yes. Soumi are native Europeans and thus white. Fucking idiot.