Where do I even start with women’s fashion...

Where do I even start with women’s fashion? I love comfycore but I’ve been a poorfag for years and have zero apparel foundation or idea of where to shop or start. Pls help

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depends on what style you want to go for i suppose

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currently attempting to redirect my wardrobe into a more cozy/nerdy/mature look since i look like im ten years younger than i am to people thanks to my lack of style direction so i feel ya

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As a fellow comfycore wearer, I wish you both the best.

I know absolute dick about women's brands, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to go thrifting for interesting pieces. And I found this in the archive as well:


not op but bless. i do really like thriftng, i only really know about stacy brands so anything that isn't mainstream im in the dark about.
i feel like my problem is i have too many facets of what i find appealing and this becomes my downfall and i never have an actual "style" just an amalgam of old clothes i can't get rid of and different outfits that eventually get overlooked for basics. i just want to get my shit together and actually feel comfortable in how i present myself.

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Okely-doke, I think I may have some tips for you.

With "comfycore", it's pretty basic. You may not have a foundation, or an idea of where, but you have the basic idea and that's good enough.

Colours can really be anything you want, desu. It's all about being comfy, not flashy. You're probs gonna be looking for a lot of muted tones though, that's where the idea of "comfy" lies. It's like you want to be at home, wrapped in a blanket, drinking something near a fire. So it's not all black "Don't talk to me, I won't talk to you", it's more like "You see me, please let me be".

For winter comfycore, you're probably looking for knits and wools (best if combined). Big knit sweaters over a sweatshirt is v. cool. Wool pants are incredible for the cooler weather. Wool jackets are great too. Really, just "wool" in whatever makes you comfy.

For summer, comfycore is like a cousin to normcore. Linen and cotton are key here. A pair of old, hella faded, pair of jeans that have a big cuff and room in the leg are good. A sweatshirt if it's maybe a chillier day. Secret reccy-poo for ya tho, a shawl is top tier for a spring/summer/early fall warm day, but you don't want a jacket.

Accessories is a whole game that really doesn't matter. Totes are cool, leather bags are cool, it's up to you.

Now for where to shop? Well, if you're poorcore, then it's gonna have to be thrift shops. It's not about buying a whole wardrobe at once, it's about buying it piece by piece. If you see something you like, the key is almost always "Would I wear this out of the store right now" (although sometimes winter pieces are discount in the summer, so use discretion). That's gonna help you narrow your purchases.

If you're looking for like HIGH FASHION comfy pieces, look at Rick and Ann D. They do some great women's wool stuff.

recommended Muji, and that's good, as well as Uniqlo. Both can get you great basics, for cheap, and the construction is great.

I wish you the best of luck.

fugg I wanna dress like this

That's okay, the nice thing about fashion is that there's always something new to learn about, and the journey there is always fun.
I don't think being too interested in different facets/designs is much of a problem either, though I definitely see how you think that could block anything that could become a single style. It just depends on what you want.
>Do you only want to have a single fashion style?
That's totally fine, but it will put a damper on what you can buy/wear outside of special occasions. You can still appreciate the other pieces outside of your wardrobe from afar.
>Do you want to have access to many styles, because you prefer the facets over everything else?
That's fine too, and actually the route I chose to go. Just know that it may take a lot of money, and will take a lot of time, to complete this. My only personal advice on this end is that if you find something you like that may not fit into your wardrobe at all, still pick it up. If you know you'll enjoy it as much as you think you will (especially in the long run), over time, you'll eventually pick up pieces to match it, consciously or not.
Aside from this, I know it's easy to fall back on basics, because their easy to put together, but unless you want that as your style, you should slowly wean yourself off this. I know the thought of putting together an outfit everyday might sounds overwhelming at first, but once you really start to get a feel for your closet, and start to supplement it with pieces that are more cohesive (even if they don't necessarily fit in the same style), it will start to become easier. And who knows? You might even find yourself developing a unique style along the way.

good advice my girls

>i just want to get my shit together and actually feel comfortable in how i present myself.
I know, and fashion can definitely help with this (improve psyche/comfort/etc.), but at the same time, can be a double edged sword. It really all comes down to your mentality first and foremost. As cheesy as it sounds, this is what I always say:
The greatest thing you can wear is confidence.
If you're out in public and feel people are looking at you, what you're wearing, that you can't pull something off, that's of course the other edge of the fashion sword, but is also only hurting you because of the way of think. Yes, fashion does tend to attract many self-conscious people, but do your best not to think that way (though definitely easier said than done). This is also another reason why you should wean off basics. The more people (friends, family, or otherwise) begin to see you in more interesting clothes, the more both they, and you, will feel comfortable around them.
Feel free to ask any other questions you may have, otherwise, best of luck to you once again, and know that if nothing else, you have a group of people on a Chinese cartoon board rooting you on lol.

I'm and not a girl.

But thank you.

Women can only be fashionable when copying mens styles

don't agree at all bud, sorry you're mad you can't wear femme silhouettes

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Bitch just shop at cheaper stores like Zara for your basics, and save up for good stock pieces like literally every one else here under 25 with no trust fund.

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It's never too late sister.

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30yo is too late tho

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I really like this. I'm assuming a guy could follow the majority of this without it looking too girly?

i think so considering this style borrows a lot from men's fashion, it's a very clean look i really like it but feel like it could feel a bit bland after a while but then again i'm the user with issues tailoring my style choices to a more cohesive look

so what do i know lol

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